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Our skin is very important and we need to take care of it very good and also hair and other parts of our body. We also need to keep it healthy and protect it and especially in the summer when it is warm and it gets dry very fast from hair to our skin. Nowadays that sun got so strong we can't just use suncream we need more than just suncream so here are beauty products for summer from beauty products for your skin also tan if you like tan, hair and more  in honour of our summer series aka #nakedlydressedsummer

 Sun cream: the most important product to use in the summer is of course sun cream that is a must for summer you can't go out without a sun cream or at least apply it before you go out it doesn't matter if you have darker skin you still need it because everyone can get skin cancer on sun if they don't protect themselves so you can just get the 30 or 50 but lower than that is not enough and you can get it at any drug store like D&M or different beauty companies have their own that they sell at all local drug stores

After sun cream: when you are the whole day out on the sun it doesn't matter if you were working and inside or the whole day at the beach tanning when you get home you need to apply after sun cream to protect your skin even more it is not a must but you should do it and it refreshes your skin after the whole day under the sun and it helps your skin be more softer and you also get this one at any drug store any brand is alright it might just depend on your skin type try some and see how they work for you

Self tanners: the main reason we are on the beach and enjoy the sun is because some of use are too white and want little colour so these self tanners might help you there are different types of self tanners you can get them as lotion which you apply after the shower and then you might get darker but you might also want to go to the sun, then you have also a spray which you apply to your body or where ever you wan to or you have just normal cream and I guess these sound weird but they do help but only when you go on sun it won't work otherwise and they don't just make you darker they also protect your skin from the sun and you can get these at any drug store or like sephora also has them 

Dry shampoo: in the summer we wash our hair more often because we probably go swimming so we always need to wash it  after but if you didn't know that is not very healthy for our hair, the better way to keep your hair clean and healthy is try dry shampoo you don't have to use it the whole week but couple of days because you won't be using the normal shampoo your hair will be more healthier and dry shampoo also has less chemicals that is also one of the reason that keeps our hair healthier and you can also get any drug store or the stores that sell makeup might also have it like sephora

Face spray: don't you hate when your makeup gets reunited because of the warm temperature well great way to keep your makeup fresh and looking great the whole day is this face spray which you only have to spray it on your face when you have done your makeup and it will make your makeup look amazing the whole day and clinique and sephora have great one so check it out 

Hand cream: because of the hot weather our whole body gets dry and that is not really nice so great way to keep if soft and nice is use hand cream you can apply to your hands but also other parts of your body like your legs and feet they get very dry not only because of the weather but because you go swimming a lot so that also can make your feet dry so make sure to have hand cream in your bag to apply at any time at the day and with hand cream it doesn't matter where you buy all hand cream are good

Oil free moisturiser: if you are feeling like this hot weather is too much and your body is so dry get this oil free moisturiser to refresh your body and keep your skin hydrate it that is nice way to refresh your body and keep it healthy and also can protect it from the sun and you can also get it at any drug store or beauty/makeup store

Anti frizz spray: under the heat your hair can get frizz and that can damage your hair so before you dry your hair spray this anti frizz spray on your hair it will not only keep it healthy but also give it little glow and this loreal is good but also schwarzkopf has good one so check these out 

UV protection spray: not only does your skin needs protection from the sun but also your hair so make sure to spray this uv protection spray before your go out and also when you get home in the evening so you know your hair is protected enough and this loreal spray is great and also doesn't cost a lot so make sure to check this out in your local drug store 

Purple pigment-based shampoo: if you are blonde you would need to protect your hair extra because on the sun your hair might turn into yellow so you can protect it by using this purple shampoo it is great way to protect your hair and keep it healthy loreal and dm have great purple shampoo 

Body butter: in the summer of the heat our bodies get dry and that is not nice feeling and also is unhealthy so what you can do is use this body butters that will keep your body moistures and soft and of course healthy and you can apply it at any time of the day and you can apply it on whole body my favourite body butters are from bodyshop they have different smells of them and the quality is also pretty good

 Blotting papers: this papers are great for hot weather and also great for the summer because these papers remove the oil from your face and keeps it fresh and nice and make sure to keep one of those in your bag because you might need it this summer and any makeup company makes those my favourite is from tarte and yes I almost forgot this also wipes off your makeup

Oil treatment for hair: because in the summer we need to wash our hair more often and that can be very unhealthy for our hair and if you don't have dry shampoo and you also you can't always use dry shampoo the better way to use your shampoo and also healthy is by adding the oil to your shampoo making it more healthy and also softer this macadamia oil is very good but loreal also has good one but I do prefer this one 

Labello: the heat is also bad for our lips they get dry very fast and that's is bad in many ways but mostly it feels weird so what you can do is add one of these labellos that will keep your lips soft and nice and this labellos you can basically get anywhere 

Oil for tanning: for those out there you need more tan and colour (not me though) great way to get more colour is using natural oil to your body when you are tanning just be careful with it because this doesn't protect your skin just gives you tan so you might want to apply sun cream before and then after you can apply this oil to your body and this "Hawaiian tropic" is great oil and you can get it at DM has great effect you do get tan with it and the quality is also good as well

When I think about it summer is pain in the ass isn't it? We need to many products and spending so much money protecting our skin well it's not that hard you have these products that you need to protect yourself when you think about it if you get really sick you might have to spend way more money and then you wished you had used these products. Great about all of these products is it doesn't matter if you buy the cheap or expensive version of it you so you can easily get cheap one at drug store and at the end of it, it won't be that expensive. These products are great way to protect your body and hair and also keep it healthy so they are great. We can't never know if we are fully protected but with this products you will be secure enough and keep using this products and you'll be fine. What are your favourite products that you use in the summer? How do you keep your skin protected?
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