Rings to wear this summer

Monday, June 29, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Rings they always great way to accessories and look super stylish. Your outfit looks quiet special and unique with rings when you put some different types of rings and rings are such a great way to accessories your outfit. Rings are especially great in  summer because with summer dresses they look amazing and you can put as much as you want it won't be too much and in any shape however you like. Today we got some summer rings you can wear this summer and look great

Forever21: great retro seat of rings from one of my favourite store forever21 just simple round rings in different sizes. You can wear this with some nice summer dress or elegant outfit meaning some nice trousers and blouse as well these rings are quiet unique so make sure to wear something nice with them

Asos: this ring is very interesting it is quiet like spiral and very interesting. This ring is more fancy to make sure to wear something fancy is it some leather skirt and heels or just some fancy dress but give little bit trendy side 

Top shop: I love these seat of rings they are view of them and makes things little interesting. These are like seat of four rings which you can put on every finger and looks very chick and stylish. This once wear with anything from some cool hotpants to summer dresses and be trendy and stylish

Bershka: these are seat of four rings that have geomatric signs on them which looks pretty cool. These signs makes this rings unique and interesting when you are wearing them. With these rings goes for girly look but not too elegant some casual look and then put these cool rings on

Six: these rings look quiet like antic once very special design and all little details. These rings are for sure for some special events. If you would wear some simple black dress these rings would be great suit and just simple elegant outfits

Saboskirt: now these rings are very summer and girly. Pretty colours and quiet great shape of these rocks looks quiet interesting. Because these are very girly we also need something girly to wear and very special pieces like some nice dress or lace is always great with these anything that says girly

This summer simple rings are in but also rings in combo or with something on them like these rocks big rounded rings very in as well. Rings are so special cause there are so many rings and in different shapes and you can make your outfit look so interesting through them. I hope you enjoyed this one

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