Beach essentials

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The summer is here and we know what that means it's beach time. It's to get to beach and enjoy our lives and not worry about anything. I love beach because at the beach you can have so much with your friends play different games, take great photos and just spend time with my friends laughing and having an amazing time. For you will need to bring some stuff with you and here is my list of essentials you will need for the beach so that you can enjoy your time at the beach, because without these stuff you probably can't enjoy the beach that much

Sun cream: of course the most important thing for the beach is sun cream because you don't want to go early home because you got burned by the sun this way you will protect your body from sun and also keep it healthy and nice and even fresh 

Towel: if you go to the beach you will probably swim and tan so you will need towel for the both first to dry yourself after the swim and also to lay down for tanning you will need towel

Swimsuit: for the beach you will also need some swimsuit because you will be swimming or if you are not swimming but tanning you will need it so you can get colour over your body and swimsuit is very comfy for the beach because it is hot you don't want to wear too much 

Water: the water is must have for the beach to refresh yourself and also you will thirty because of the hot water so just bring little bottle of water just to keep you hydrated 

Music: if would want to bring some music players like ipod to keep you entertained when you are tanning of just laying down it is nice to relax and listen to some good music if you are going to the beach with your friends you might want to bring the music box and you all can enjoy it together

Sunglasses: because of the sun you want to protect your eyes from the sun with your sunglasses and it might also look pretty good with your swimsuit get some sunglasses in some nice colours and of course when the sun in shining very brightly you can't see good so with help of sunglasses you can see clearly 

Food: at the beach you might be hungry so it is good to bring some snacks like nuts or some fresh fruits just so you won't be hungry 

Camera: beach is great place to take great photos and if you are blogger like me  you would want to take photos at the beach so you have great stuff for your blog and it is also great way to make great memories you can use either camera from your phone, some camera like nikon or if you want super cool photos you can get some palaroid camera

Flip flops: flip flops are great to wear for the beach they are comfy and easy to put on. When you are laying down and you need to go somewhere quickly flip flops are quickly to put on. When I have some sandals I don't feel like putting them on so I walk around the beach without any shoes and my feet always get burned because of the sun the sand is hot as well so better just take your flip flops

Cards: when you are at the beach with your friends great way to have fun and entertain yourselves is to play cards to bring that at beach. You can play different cards games and just relax 

 Volleyball: when I am at beach I love playing beach volleyball with my friends this game is super fun and totally easy to play and you can just have fun and even include some other people from the beach and even make new friends 

You might not need all of these stuff for the beach, but if you really want to have fun and just enjoy the beach you would want to bring this at the beach. These are super fun ways to have fun at the beach and remember keep tweeting and instragramming #nakedlydressedsummer for chance to win something fun and also if you want to share summer experience with us

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