Top sunglasses for this summer

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Sunglasses they are totally essential to summer accessories not only does they protect your beautiful eyes from sun and make sure they stay shiny and beautiful but they are great accessories to your summer outfits and look great with anything. I love putting together outfit with some cool sunglasses and if you haven't noticed I am kind of obsessed with sunglasses and I feel like every summer I got obsessed with that one pair of sunglasses and I go everyday to the store to check them out I don't why that is do you guys also have that? If yes let me know and how do you avoid buying them? Sunglasses are also part of fashion and there are also sunglasses trends. This year the mirrored sunglasses and this colourful sunglasses have been trendy and many different crazy frames of sunglasses like square and round and different materials. Because this year sunglasses trends have been amazing I couldn't just pick one pair of sunglasses and I picked up view and I am going to share them with you and also show you how to wear them and where to get them for low budget

1. Rayban aviator: this rayban aviator came out last summer but when they came out there were only three colours blue,green and orange and now they have a lot more colours and they just look amazing. Because this colours of the sunglasses are bright it makes sunglasses look so great and how you can wear them well I would say you can wear them with anything with this sunglasses it honestly doesn't matter if you have totally black outfit they will give the outfit little light and if your outfit has enough colours then they will make it even more colourful and crazy and you don't have to buy in rayban if you don't want because who know how long this trend is going to last and you might not want to pay around 100 dollars for sunglasses you can just go to any local department store and you will for sure find them there

2.Miu miu: this sunglasses were originally designed by miu miu and we have been loving them but because it is miu miu it is quiet pricy but lucky you can find similar like this at asos,forever21,topshop. This sunglasses you can't wear with anything they are very elegant kind of sunglasses so you might want to wear them with some maxi dress and some nice strapy heels or sandals. They are great for some fancy lunch or when you are going to work and your look is business like but the best way to wear them is with some dress or skirt then you can't go wrong

3. Dior so real: this sunglasses were designed by dior and this sunglasses have been my obsession this summer, they are so unique the frame of them and all the details and I am also big fan of mirrored sunglasses so I am so in love with them. I won't lie to you this one I won't get that easy since they are dior and quiet pricy who knows maybe someday. I did this the knockoffs at forever21 and they look pretty good and of course aliexpress has them too. Because this once are unique you should watch how you wear them maybe wear them with some bohemian dress or nice leather trousers with pointed toe heels a bit elegant and a bit unique not something you would wear every day

4.Rayban erika: this are another rayban sunglasses I know I am kind of obsessed with rayban but can you blame me their sunglasses are amazing and I love this name because one of my good friends is called erika and such a great name to call great sunglasses and I think my friend would totally love them. This are also special in their own way and also they have made them out of soft velvet which is pretty cool and it feels so good when you are wearing them. I have seen this is many places like h&m,forever21 and topshop and you will find them in any department store. This are also unique so you can't wear them with everything with this one you have to go with more elegant look the easiest would be either some nice dress or elegant overall with high heels or you can wear some trousers and add to it blazer

5. Gucci techno color ultra-light: this are another a bit crazy colourful sunglasses and this are from gucci, but also this have their knockoffs and I have seen many times this in topshop so make sure to check there this. This are different from this raybans this have many colours at once it is like rainbow which is pretty cool and the frame is great it is round a bit also retro style and this one are also everyday sunglasses that you can wear with anything and this once have many colours so it is great accessory to outfit with less colours

6.Quay invader cat eye: this once are the latest versions of cat eye sunglasses and so far like them. To be honest I don't like this cat eye sunglasses but this one I really like because they made them classic sunglasses and just added this thing on corner of the sunglasses which is not too much and feel like anyone can wear this once. This amazing sunglasses you can get at asos or amazon or any store that sales sunglasses. Because this are cat eye sunglasses you have to go with girly look with this once some floral details skirt or dress or anything that says girly. With your girly items this sunglasses are going to look great 

Sunglasses are great accessories but you can't wear every sunglasses with everything there are some sunglasses for more elegant look for girly looks or some other looks but there are also sunglasses for everyday look and that means they go with everything. I feel every one of this sunglasses are unique in their own way and how they are so simple but they look so good in fascinating to me. I like that most trendy sunglasses are mirrored and have that reflection it gives them little edge and love how many different frames there are from round kind of retro to just classic frames. I was thinking and I feel like sunglasses are more important than what you are wearing because they are in centre they are on your eyes and that's the centre and sunglasses are the first thing people noticed because they look at you so I think we all need to keep up with the latest sunglasses trends. Hope you enjoyed this one and keep tweeting and instagramming #nakedlydressedsummer
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