5 dresses to wear on summer wedding

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Summer wedding are the best weddings at least that is how I feel. First the nice weather and the venues for summer wedding are the most beautiful some kind of mysterious that are like in a dream then second the summer vibe happy vibe who doesn't love that and well the summer clothes are the best and people can wear way cutter things in summer am I right? In my experience the most weddings are in summer and now around July there are quiet a lot of wedding so today I will give you view great dresses you can wear for summer wedding to look amazing and cute.

 Temptress maxi dress: this dress is perfect for summer wedding first this pink colour is very summer like and this V cut on the top is great and very elegant just perfect for a wedding and of course the maxi dress is always good for wedding it is very simple and elegant and you can put together great outfit with it. You could wear it with some nice strapy heeled sandals and some cute clutch or shoulder bag and to make it even more girly you can put on your head daisy headbands and you can get this beautiful dress at Beginningboutique

Divine dress floral: this dress is so classic and perfect for summer wedding it has a bit of floral print on white which is so summer wedding like because all summer wedding have flowers and floral decorations and it is also a bit short so it is great for high temperature in the summer and it is just very elegant great for a wedding. You can wear it with some nice  flats or heels and cute clutch nothing else is needed because the dress itself is enough of accessory and you can get it at Whitefoxboutique

Embroidered crisscross babydoll dress: because of the white colour and lace under this dress is classic and great for wedding because for course the colour of the wedding is white it is quiet simple but also happy colour. Up it is tight and then down it is more loss and this lace details makes dress special. You could wear this dress in nice summer wedding way with some simple sandals but with some colours and get some nice bag with it and nice earring or hat great for summer wedding is hat as accessories and you can get this beauty at Forever21

High slit maxi dress: black dress for summer wedding is also great as well because it is simply classic and maxi is always good for any kind of wedding. This slit maxi dress is a bit trendy but also elegant enough to wear for wedding. You could wear this one with pair of your favourite heels or some nice ankle boots to look super cool and some hat will go great with this one and you can get it at 2020ave

Plunge neck satin dress: little satin dress is exactly the right dress for summer wedding. I love how they cut this dress with this v cut and so elegant and lady like very simple but in a way very special. This dress is also typical summer wedding dress. You could wear it with some strapy heels in white for example and then wear shoulder clutch with it and add some accessories if you want and you can get it at Topshop

For summer wedding the dress doesn't have to be anything simple but elegant is a must and just put together with some nice accessories and you will look great These maxi dresses are always good to wear and with some simple summer colours and nice heels or flats you will look great. Make your to check out two great clothing stores on right side of this article Born poor live rich and fash fleek 

Hope you enjoyed this one

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