Born Poor Live Rich

Wednesday, July 01, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

 I don’t think there is any better phrase to live by, or a better style in life it's all about the mental states. If you feel rich then you are no matter where you are now; Unlike the common thinking that you need 100 cars to feel rich or to be rich, you just need the right mood and the right swagger to feel more than a million dollar; "Born Poor Live Rich" clothing gives you the swagger to feel rich and the mood to be rich. a style that involves comfort is rich ,simply because feeling comfortable in your own skin reflects on your mind set ,which gives you more motivation to do things better right!! "BPLR" clothing brand is comfortable, made out of gear materials, each piece has a swagger of its own, affordable, has a power of the brand name to up your mood and give you an extra boost of confidence. The name alone ups anyone's mood to go and get rich, and in now day's we need all the motivation we can get in any way we can get it. "Born Poor Live Rich" may give you the swagger to be rich but you have to get up and work to be rich. Go get your piece of motivation clothes; you can find the ad on our blog  on right side of this article or just click here check it out.

Nakedlydressed xx