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Guys we did it, we reached 50'000 visitors I can't believe that is so big for me. I can't believe this, when we started blogging 100 views per day or even per month would be big deal and now 50000 that's amazing. Thank you guys so much for all of your support and because of you we are able to do what we love. We can't thank you enough but at least can show you little appreciation with little giveaway and this giveaway is not like usual blogger giveaway where there is only one winner we will give four prizes and there are view things in one prize not only one so get excited. Now I'll show you what we are giving away, what it is and the rules of giveaway and then when you read all of this you are ready to enter have fun and good luck guys:

Bloglovin giveaway:

So for this giveaway you got this beautiful trousers from lookbookstore that I got for you, this black bracelet and then these bracelet in combo, this purple hairpins and beautiful earrings that will be great for night out they also kind of change colours which is pretty great. So what you got to do to enter is follow us on bloglovin and our link is here and also save this article to your bloglovin profile so we know you want to enter or you could also write in comment of this article that you follow us on bloglovin and that's it after that you will have to wait and see

Facebook giveway:

For this giveaway we got beautiful floral shorts from lookboostore, that is very casual but in girly way you will look very cute in it, then we have these hoops earrings that you can wear any time and is always great accessories, these balls kind of earrings, these hairpins that will make your hair look clean and just also cute with any outfit and of this bracelet. It's very light coloured look and what you have to do to enter is like our facebook page here and write some comments, like our posts and that's it, we just need to see that you are active there

Instagram giveaway:

For this giveaway we got this lips brush that will help you apply your lipstick to your lips and it will just make it look better, with this brush the lipstick will be applied to your lips. I am using this brush and I am very happy with it so that's why I got you guys this as well. Then I got you guys these pink and green hairpins that will be great accessory to your hair and then two pairs of these amazing earrings in red and brown that is great for nightout but also when you are working and last item we got for you is these ball kind of earrings in white that are just too cute to handle and what you got to do is follow us on instagram here, comment on some photos and like them as well and just we see that you are active and you got pretty good chance at getting these prize

Blog giveaway:

In this last giveaway we got some great stuff as well we got these huge pack of bobi pins, these amazing kind of vintage style earrings you can wear with some nice dress for example, and we got another pair of these earrings in red, then we got this eyeshadow in babypink colour from P2, these hairpins in blue that will look great in your hair and these nails stickers, that will make your nails look amazing and in this giveaway only thing you have to do is be active on our blog, comment on view articles and like our articles and even share but share is not a must and maybe write down on comments that you entered and how we can reach you

So we don't know how many people will enter this giveaway, so that we can find you and give you the prize if you win, we please you if you enter the facebook and instagram one comment there also your email address and if you enter bloglovin and blog giveaway comment on this article your email address and also if you are wondering if you are allowed to enter all four of giveaways of course you, this is better for you to enter all of them because this way you increase your chances at winning any of prices and also it is international so it doesn't matter where you are. Guys good luck and thank you again for 50000 visits 

Nakedlydressed xx