How to stay motivated?

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We are back with our fitness&health articles are you excited? We are really sorry we haven't written anything related to fitness or healthy we have been focusing more on fashion and beauty but we are back and for the first articles we will give you some awesome tips how to keep motivated and stay healthy and keep working out. It is sometimes hard especially in summer when it feels like holiday and just you don't feel like working out or eating healthy but don't worry I have great tips to stay motivated also I want to let you know that we will be back with Kayla Workout the second one in August just a bit more waiting and then we will be there you voted and you wanted us to do more Kayla workouts and we will do it with pleasure get now even more excited

Make a schedule: make plan for whole week or month when you will work out and what kind of workouts you will do also for meals make a plan the best is to make it on Sunday and then shop for it on Monday this way you will be forced to do it 

Workout with your friends: with friends everything is more fun so ask some of your friends to go workout running or at home do exercises and then motivate each other tell each other you can do it and just say something to motivate each other and every workout will be fun or of course you can also gossip while working out though I am not sure that will be that easy to do

Don't put away your workouts: don't say you will start working out tomorrow or in the evening and also with healthy food because if you put it away you will never do it and that is never working even when you are not motivated or just tired do it you will be so motivated afterwards

Have a reminder how you feel while working out: it is hard to workout and make yourself but when you do it, it is great feeling so write that down in your diary how you feel and read it every time you have to workout trust me it will motivate you to workout

Put up motivational posters in your home: when it comes to healthy food it is hard when you see some amazing unhealthy food so maybe put up in your kitchen where you eat one poster of person who eats healthy food and one who eats unhealthy and that will keep you from eating unhealthy food and put up some motivational poster all over your home to motivate you to workout 

Choose suitable music for workout: when you are workout it is important to have some fast music so it keeps you motivated put some fast music on your phone or there are so many workout playlists on spotfy 

Stay strong and don't eat unhealthy food: you might be in situation where your friends order something unhealthy and you want that too but can't and the question is how to keep yourself to not eat it just stay strong don't look at the food and think that you will feel only for 5 seconds good for eating it and then for 100 days bad about eating it stay strong and just ignore the food it is all about self control 

Make yourself goals: write down how much you want to accomplish in one week one month or so for example write you want to be able to run for one hour straight or only have one unhealthy meal a month and trust me it will be motivate you and it is super fun because you see it as challenge so and this way you want to do it even more

Take pictures: when you see it, it is even better make pictures of your workout process and your healthy food decorate it  when you look at them they will look amazing and will motivate you to workout and you can also put on your instagram and see what other people have to say about it and maybe they will be motivated as well

This were just some of motivation it will be part 2 of this article and will be coming soon and let us know how these tips worked out for you and if they helped you out and get excited about kayla workout 

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