Secrets of nail polishes

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So girls in this article I will share some things about my ultimate position Nails and Nail polish secrets and tricks. Therefore, at first I will give you a few advices on nails and how to keep them natural and healthy, then we will talk about nail color. So let's start : - NEVER wear nail polish every single day, give your nails a brake and let them breath or else they will change color, brake, and chip very fast. -Don’t put dark and glitter colors directly on your nails, put a sheer coat of the top coat or two wait for it to dry out and then apply the nail polish. -Always moisturize your nails with some nail creams or olive oil to keep them from getting dry and brake. -Use the nail foil in one direction don’t go back and forth with it , because it will make your nails chip. -
Rub your nails with lemon to make them lighter and look like you just did french manicure. -Try to reduce the usage of nail polish remover to the minimum because its nails worse enemy, try perfumes, or applying another layers of nail polish and wipe it while it's still wet or sometimes eles applying more than one layer of nail polish color makes it easy to peel off later with no effort , and better off do that after the shower. -Every now and then soak your nails in a mix of salt water and oil for about an hour, this will help grow them longer . - Don’t use fake nails they actually weaken your real ones and make them look bad after removing the fake ones. -Garlic makes nails stronger rub it on your nails every now and then, and to get rid of the smell wash your hands and use toothpaste as soup. NOW TO THE COLOR FULL PART: And I will be telling you the colors that you MUST have in your collection: -Nude: no matter what time of the year it is , no matter what the clothes or occasion is a nude color is always and forever the one to go to works on any skin type. -Red: everyone knows how important red nail polish is and it is such a classic during all seasons , for this summer do something easy paint all your nails with a nude color and use the red as a tip color, or use it on your ring finger only while painting the rest in a nude or light orange or a blue color.
-Black: gives out that badass chick look right away just remember to apply a base coat before using it , a cool thing is to play the white/black game wither is French black and white or doing some dotes or painting a ring finger in the opposite color ,silver is also really cool with black and you can do the same tricks with it. -Pink: is must you can chose any shade you briefer, there is also neon pink which is cool for the spring and summer time, while the darker shades may go more with the winter time, mix any pink shade with a blue shade gives you a fun look right away. - Orange: is definitely my favorite this year I have a light and dark and a neon shade of it, and I am totally loving it, so girls go get your orange on and mixing a light shade of orange with blue is like wow give it a go girls. -Blue : my favorite is ink blue and I really like mixing it with some other lighter shades like silver or gray, purple , orange , white or whatever comes in mind at the time. -Gray/Silver: also an all times favorite they go with almost everything , and I like mixing gray with blue and orange , and the silver with nude and golden colors and red as well as black. -glitters: now I highly recommend a sliver and a golden glitter polish in your collection alongside a sheer glitter color so you can put that on dark colors to do a fast style in seconds. -top/base coat: I think that goes without saying, invest in a good quality base coat a treatment one would be a better base coat as it goes right on the nails. Now ofc I have much more on my collection which ill be sharing on the next nails articles , but for now those are like the most basics in nail beauty. Don’t forget to send us your collection and tag us on Instagram and Twitter , and share the photos 

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