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Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

Sunday was really nice I hang out with two of my friends. First we went to starbucks had little girl talk, talked about all kind of stuff. The weather was so weird it was not that sunny but it was still hot you know what I mean it is a lot like that in summer in Switzerland anyways after starbucks we walked around the lake and didn't know what to do so my friend suggested we go and rent tretboot. These are always super fun and because it wasn't too hot, it was nice to drive it and just enjoy the lake. When we rented it, we drove it and while driving it we put some nice music on and at one point my friend and I stood up and started dancing like crazy but it was fun and I enjoyed the lake and beautiful view so here is what I wore on this amusing day:

 Sunglasses from Rayban | Black top from Bershka | Strape shirt from Jack&Jones | Denim jeans from H&M | Red watch from Claires | Shoulder clutch from Manor | Flats from Tommy Hilfiger

I decided for this day just a simple outfit nothing too much because it is Sunday always casual on Sunday. Of course I had to wear one of my raybans, you will probably never see me without them in the summer time, they are my essential and then I really wanted to put on this stripe shirt because it belongs to my sister and she's now away on holiday so I wanted to take opportunity to take something of heres because when she is around I can't do this and if she is reading well sorry and at least I look good in it. And also I so love this stripe shirt, she got it at jack&jones and it is so great you can wear it with many items and I just don't know I am so obsessed with it.  Because I had this kind of casual shirt I had to also wear denim and also because I am obsessed with denim if you haven't noticed yet, but you probably have. And I put my favourite bag for the summer this shoulder clutch it is is practical and perfect for Sundays and with it I put these amazing TH flats that I have been wearing for couple of years now and can't get enough of them and for last item I choose this red watch with a bit of glitters on and I think I bought it at Claire's but I am not sure. So this was my casual Sunday outfit let me know how you like it and share your outfit with us just post on instagram or twitter and tag us we love looking at your outfits

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I think is a perfect outfit for your sunday times! I like very much your cool shirt!
Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

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