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Summer is all about fun, colorful clothes, makeup,!!! Everything is just so alive.
Another awesome accessory I enjoy during the summer is wearing sunglasses. I love my shades and go absolutely crazy and buy them like crazy. In this article I want to give all you summer loving girls some pointers about sunglasses and how it goes with different faces, and in my next article I will talk about what are some of the trending styles for the whole year not just for summer.
****how to find your suitable shape:
Personally, it was one of the most difficult things for me. So many shapes of sunglasses, sigh! I didn’t know what would look better on me, so I avoided wearing them all together. Now, thank God, I have figured it out.
**contradict your face shape not your face size:

To be honest that is the only advice you will ever need even with clothes and sometimes makeup (that’s another article).
** Round face:
It is a cute and girly shape. If you wear round shaped sunglasses, your face will appear rounder and puffy. So square, rectangular shapes will look better on that face shape, don't wear too big sunglasses as they will cover most of your face.
**square face:
This is a nice and well structured shape. Usually this face shape has good space. So, big sunglasses will look great. As the rule goes, round framed sunglasses are more flattering on square faces..
**triangle /ear shap face:
Small and cute usually with a small chin and a wider forehead. Sunglasses that are round or square shapes will look nice, though the size of the shades depends on how big your face really is. If your face is a small triangle then huge glasses will kinda make it look even smaller. Same goes if you have a wide triangular face, small glass will make your face look like its too big for the glasses.
**oval /long face: 
Usually has a nice and wide distribution of size. A girl with this face can wear square or a little round big or even huge sun glasses. These won't cover the face that much. Bigger frames usually suit this face shape perfectly .
Now there are more shapes but they all go under one of these shapes as they are the basic shapes but they are different from one to another,
 A few more tips :***
Foreheads are sometimes narrow and sometimes wide - what do we do about it? CONTRADICT!
If you have a small forehead, then I recommend to wear sunglasses that shows your eyebrows and are wide at the top like the cat-eye glasses. Go the other way around for wider forehead, wear glasses that doesn't show eyebrows as it "Cuts" your forehead space a little bit.
**Cheeks/cheek bones:
Now we all love them for sure, so make sure to show them off. Just choose sunglasses that feels comfortable when you smile and doesn't move around a lot when you speak.
Everyone has different nose shapes, as it goes for your cheek bones the same goes for your nose. Just make sure that the glasses are set right on your nose and doesn't cause any discomfort especially if you are going to wear them for a long time. Another tip: if your nose's top bone is too high or straight, take glasses that sits on a lower level then the peak of the bone. Similarly, if you have a low nose bone buy glasses that sits before that peak as the peak on that nose bone might be too low. 

** Color:
There is absolutely no rule. One can try all colors. If you have always tried one of them, try on new colors of sunglasses such as blue or purple, green. The new trend of transparent sunglasses are fun. Don't fret, as they all provide similar protection from the sun.

Tell use if those tips helped and tag us on your sunglasses try-outs on Instagram.
Have fun girls!
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