Illustrate clothing

Thursday, August 13, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

We came across company called "Illustrate clothing" that create illustrated shirts, which look amazing. They were kind of enough to send us one of their shirt so we can tried it out and show you guys. I have always been in love with shirts that have something on them, even if it is just some quote it makes it more interesting. So for today's article I will show you how I wore their thsirt and how you could wear it and look amazing in it

As you can see on the tshirt in a black and white sugar skull with some flowers next to it. I love these sugar skulls, they always present powerful and strong people. I also like how they wrote underneath Illustrate clothing. But the big questions with all printed shirts is how to wear them? As you can see I wore it with some simple denim short, sandals and put on sunglasses on. It suits perfectly with a casual look. You could also wear it with some skirt or even a big elegant look like for example black trousers and some pointed toe heels and you put in trousers the shirt and take it out a bit, it would make amazing kick ass elegant look. You can mix up with a lot of items and it will look great. Just don't go too crazy with details because this sugar skull is enough. So what are you waiting for click on any of the photo or here and check them out

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