Makeup rules

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So we all see some girls can do great make up and you wonder why the fuck it doesn't work with me , I used to be like that intel I figured it out am no professional and even thought  the article is called rules it's more like making up you own rules .
So let's start :
Know your face :
Bull your hair back and look at you face shape , this will determine how you high light and contour your face which is like a big deal now .
"lighten what you want to show and make bigger darken what you want to make smaller or want to hide or carve"
That’s really what highlight and contour is all about
So let's say you have a square face with a few harsh edges take the darker color on those edges and lighten the cheeks.
For a triangle face do a dark color on the edges of your forehead if you feel its too wide for your chin and lighten the chin.
And the same goes for all the other face shapes .
Personally I like a light highlight and contour with powder and one color of foundation, just wear one shade of foundation little lighter than your skin color, and a darker powder then carve what you want with the powder and that’s it.
Know the color of your skin:
"don’t darken enrich "
If you have a natural tanned or darker skin, usually you do not need a lot of the stuff that a light complication may need to get that glow you can just add blush to your make up and some or powder and your good to go.
For those who have a lighter skin , for a flawless make up look don’t darken your skin color but enrich it and make it more neutral and warm , you may take a slightly darker shade of powder to give you that look with not much make up and don’t forget to apply it on your neck and chest if you will wear something that shows it, some nice blush and that’s it.   
Lipsticks colors:
"no rules but you own"
Now there are some who would say that’s not true but its lip colors go crazyyy with it I say.
But here are some pointers :
If you have small thin lips lip gloss is always great and a must with some color on it , and when wearing lipsticks of you want a full lips look just like your lips with the same lip color as the lip stick a little  over the edge of your natural lip edges , then a

pply the lips stick .
The lighter the better for small lips as it reflects light and make them look bigger.
For those wanting to take some size of their lips , darker matt colors are best and you can do a lips gloss , but I recommend that you line your lips first with the same color as your lips on the same inner edge of your lips .
You may also apply foundation on your lips before applying lip sticks .
Eyes :
Everyone has a different way of eyes make up but one rule .
" the closer the further"
And that means the closer your eyes are close to your nose don’t line your eyes close to the edge and make a thicker line in the otter corner of the eye, and go with the opposite if your eyes are far from your nose lining your eyes closer to the edge of your eye as well.
Same goes with eye shadow concentration