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Saturday, August 01, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 3 Comments

View weeks ago I talked about shoes crushes and now we are here again, but this time I'll do a bit differently. I won't talk about different shoe types, but this time I'll talk about just one type of shoes and then from different brands that I like the most at the moment. This shoes are called pointed toe heels you might noticed that I am kind of obsessed with them, and every time I get a chance I talk about them. I don't know what is with these shoes, but I feel like they make our legs so skinny and I want my legs to be more skinny and I love how elegant they look on our feet. There is nothing wrong with this shoe type, expect I hate the lower heeled pointed toe heels. I don't like it, it is just not the same as higher. For me these shoes looks too weird and don't have this spark as the higher once. What do you guys think? Would you rather wear higher or lower? This time I didn't pay attention to budget, because we always kind of look for budget so this time I wanted to just show you amazing shoes even though most of us can't afford it and the article is called shoe crushes, that means it needs to be some awesome shoes so now I give my shoe crushes of the month:

Jimmy choo: usually I am not into orange colour, it is so not my thing, but this shoe is and the colour and more than fine for me. It is kind of a bit dark orange colour and of course I love the hight it is perfect not too low. This shoe you could wear for some business meeting with some elegant black trousers and cream blouse and then put some nice bracelet, but also you could wear with some simple black dress as well.

Louboutin: I don't have anything bad to say about these shoes, they are just perfect. I love this cream colour and it suits great with this type of heels. This shoes are such a classic and it can be for every day kind of thing but also for some fancy occasions. I would wear this one with some trousers for example black once or denim, some simple black shirt and then blouse or shirt with stripes and maybe with it also hat in cream colour

Valentino: now these shoes have been my shoe crush for a very long time, every since valentino released they first collection of this shoes. I loved that they are kind of open and have these studs details it makes them a bit edgy and love the colour. You could wear this once with some skater skirt in nice baby pink colour or some other colour, or some trousers and nice blouse would also be nice. You can put outfit with this shoes either casual or elegant, it goes both. 

Giuseppe Zanotti: how amazing are these shoes? Look at this colour, it is like these shoes came from my dream. I always love there metallic colours and this blue one is amazing and I also love how high it is enough to be great on our feet. Because of the metallic this shoes are more edgy so you are allow you have kind of edgy outfit. I would wear maybe some denim or leather trousers, totally some cute crop top with leather jacket and with it some earrings and necklace. Get as crazy as you want it is edgy you can be as crazy as you want, but you can also wear some simple dress

Louis Vuitton: this once are not as high, but I still love them. I love the mix between silver and gold and this is kind of out of studs or at least that is what I think it is. They are a bit unusual and that's what I love about them. Great shoes to go to salsa night or just night of dancing. Wear some skater skirt and nice simple black top with it and add to it some nice jacket or shirt and also some accessories and you got perfect outfit for salsa night. 

Most of these shoes that I showed you are around 500 dollars or even more, but girl is allow to dream right. Every one of these shoes are so unique and special to me and that's why they are my shoe crushes. They are all so perfect, and you could put such amazing outfits with it. But because we can't afford this once we can buy shoes that cost less for example zara has amazing pointed shoe heels you should check it out. Who are you favourite type of shoes? Did you like any of those shoes? 

Hope you like this one. Guys get excited because we have some new projects coming up soon and we know you will love them

Nakedlydressed xx


Jessa said...

Hey girl! The Louboutins are like my dream shoes. I definitely prefer a taller heel. All of these are great choices.


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