Summer sneakers

Monday, August 10, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

In summer time we don't wear often sneakers, but there is sometimes we do wear them. Of course there are not the same once as the once we wear in spring or in fall. I love summer sneakers because you can mix it up with some cute denim shorts, and it is nice to wear them in the evening or if you need to do something quickly. So for today's I got for you some great summer sneakers that are affordable

Metallic pointed lace up pumps: these sneakers and quit simple and elegant. They are elegant but in kind of edgy way, and with that you have to many options for an outfit. For example I would totally wear these with some simple black skater dress, it would look so cute, or also leather skirt would be amazing because they are kind of edgy so it suits perfectly. These are great for some fun summer party or launch or dinner with your girls. You can get these at missguided 

 Copenhagen lace-up trainers: now these are more casual kind of sneakers. I love wearing these white summer sneakers, it is so simple and casual and you can mix it up with anything. How you can wear these beauties? If you are going casual go with some denim shorts and crop and maybe some cute backpack, but if you want to be casual but also elegant wear some middle length dress and these are amazing fit together and some hat for example and clutch and you can get these beauties at topshop

High-top sneakers: these is nothing better than wearing something shinny like this in the summer. The colour is amazing and the length as well. These higher sneakers can be super cute with shorts. You can wear these with some denim trousers and crop top or some cute dress or even denim shorts would look amazing. It depends how you want to look more casual or more elegant and you can get these at Nastygal

 New look holographic trainers: this silver colour with little other colours is great in summer. Because in summer you can get as crazy as you want. They are simple trainers, but this colour makes them a bit edgy and very fun. Great way to wear these is with some nice denim trousers and cute cemi shirt or with also with some skater dress and denim jacket and you can get this one at Asos

Print high tops: for the last sneakers for this post I choose a bit different once from others. These are very interesting high sneakers with leopard print, that can never be bad. They are a bit high and a bit dark, but this way you can get crazy with your outfit. With this once you can be elegant as well as casual. You can wear some nice dress for example black one or some jumpsuit would be also awesome and some accessories with it, it depends what you are into and you can get this once at Bershka

As you can see summer sneakers and super cute and you can wear some many stuff with it, I love them because they are so light and pretty as well. I love these silver colours, it looks great on sneakers. Anyways I also love them because they look super cute with any outfit and just fun to wear them, because they are as crazy as summer is. Hope you like this one let me know which one you loved the best? I linked all of photos and title so go ahead and click to see what these sneakers are like

Nakedlydressed xx