Swimwear: Reset Priority

Saturday, August 08, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I don't know if you know this about me, but I have obsession for bikinis and swimwear in general. I just love them and can't never get enough of them. That's why I always keep searching for new brands who make swimwear and recently I came across an amazing swimwear brand from Barcelona and and not only am I in love with their swimsuits but they are also from my favourite city in the world so for today's post I wanted to share with you guys some amazing swimsuits and who knows you might also love them and want to buy them. I feel like not a lot of people know about them but I think they will be big deal soon. Also for you info this is not an sponsor post, you might noticed I like sometimes to write about some companies and their products, it is great way to help out my readers when they are for example searching for perfect bikini. Here are some of their swimsuits

Mundaka bikini top: omg how amazing is that bikini. I am so speechless right now. It's is so simple,but yet it so special. First I love this metallic purple colour, it has great reflections and also how cute are there lines around the underwear and the top with different colours it makes it  even cuter and all together it suits amazing you can also get this bikini in green and black as well. With this bikini you'll for sure look amazing so what are you waiting for click on picture that I linked to their webpage and tart shopping

Turquoise bikini top: this bikini is a bit different from usual bikinis. I love the top, it has this kind of spiral with different colours kind of print and then with it nice turquoise straps and down to the top there are these braids hanging. The underwear are also great I love that they are a look like usual bikini but then they have these straps that are kind of like braids. You could rock this bikini at the beach in early summer days, or when you are just lounging around at the beach.

  Tarida bikini top: this swimsuits is kind of padded, but it looks so amazing. I love how top under has this blue colour and then up this spiral kind of print and with that black straps that suits great with it. The underwear are in triangle shape with these two of these black straps on each side. I also love that the prints on top and underwear are not totally the same it give great effect. So guys if you are into this kind of swimsuit click on photo are start shopping

Kirra bikini top: this swimsuit is similar to the first bikini. This one is bandeau bikini with these straps and then up it turns into triangle and love how great these straps and this purple metallic colour suit together. It is so simple and great for any day at the beach as I said before they also have this one is metallic green and black so go and get this hottie

  Bondi bikini top: this swimsuit is quit interesting with a lot of colours. We have this push up top with light coloured spiral print and across back that you can adjust how you want to and this dark blue straps. The underwear have similar print but a bit darker, here we have background darker so it makes it darker. I love that the top and underwear are not the same. it keeps things interesting. If you love colourful swimsuits and want to get crazy this one is totally for you

As you can see every one of these swimsuits are so unique and interesting in their own way. I love these spiral prints and the swimsuits have so much life, because of the colours. And most of them are not as usually swimsuits or bikinis, and they really have something special. Guys go check them out I have linked the photos to their webpages, give them some love.  Hope you enjoyed looking at these beauties

Nakedlydressed xx