Before, during and after make up

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The title of this article may seem odd but this article will have a little more detailed face make up , from things to do before make up all the way to removing make up.
So let's get started:
Before make up:-
I always say "your skin is your best foundation" so take care of your skin very well with all the ways you can.
-take your vitamins and eat well , use a sunscreen and after being in the sun use a cream to reduce sun effect  that helps a lot keeping spots and wrinkles away on the long run , use heavy mortising masks every 2 days and do a full skin care routine on the weekends.
((I will give a description on natural masks and skin care stuff on the next article))
A really fast result mask I like to put before having a wedding or something big is the yogurt and yeast instant facial mask it really mortises and brightens you skin and makes make up looks better.

1/tea spoon of backing yeast ,
1/2 tea spoon of yogurt .
Now it may not smell so good but it is good for your skin, place that mix on a clean face for 5-7 minutes at most and then wash off with warm water.
use primers they are good to keep the makeup on hold ,you can use one with a SPF and then powder to keep things light during the day , SPF is not needed during the day so use another primer.
A natural primer is corn flower or(starch )is also one of the things that goes into the making of makeup du to its light texture that absorbs humidity and can help lighten your skin over time and its natural so dalily use will not hurt.

Take a fluffy brush dip it in the starch and run it over your clean face shake the brush clean, and clean the access of it off your face then apply the makeup you want.
I personally wear my sunscreen then apply the starch with a brush like I described above, then I may or may not go over it with my powder depending on how my face looks.
A fun trick to close your pours after removing black head ends is to put tooth paste on your face when your are done removing the black ends leave it for few minutes then wash it off it will shrink those pours right up.
Mix toothpaste with a little olive oil and gently rub your face with it, which will give you instant shine and rosy cheeks.
During the makeup:
- now everyone has different steps in make up so feel free to do whatever is most comfortable for you but if you need some tips then here they are.
If you are doing a light no-foundation and no eye shadow make up then start with you primer then a light layer of your powder, start doing your eyebrows first make sure they are nice and tidy because they are the frame of your face, then go with your eyeliner .
Bring a black pencil liner and go on the inner top lid then you can go on the top lid with the same liner , you can choose to go black on your lower lid as well then finish up with taking a black eye shadow and go over the black liner on your lower lid to keep it longer and to have some Smokey effect then mascara and lipes and another powder layer and done.
(you can do another color on you lower lid like green or blue or white have fun with it and you can do your upper lid without the lower but in that case go a bit heavy on the mascara)
If you are doing, a foundation and a heavy eye look the you can choose to but the foundation on the T-Zone and your eyes only do your eyes then finish the rest of your face.
Or if you're not going very heavy on the eyes you can finish your foundation routine then do your eyes just make sure to put some baby powder under your eyes before wearing the eye shadow so it doesn't leave a mess then when you are don’t brush it off.

  After makeup routine :
Now there are a lot of makeup removers out there but isn’t it bad enough that we have all of those comical stuff form the makeup , there is no need to add more removing it.
Now the natural methods may take a pit longer but you will not be wearing your skin out every day by artificial stuff.
Bring olive oil and a baby wipe but the oil on your face and massage a pit then use the baby wipe to remove it .
For your eyes use castor oil or Vaseline to remove eye makeup as it is more dense than olive oil , just be careful that nothing goes in to your eye and if it did rinse it off with water you can use any of those three methods to remove any make up just go slowly and one you removed the makeup use your favorite cleansing soup.