Denim with vans

Monday, September 07, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I love Sundays because they are always quiet and you don't see much people because it is the day after Saturday and most people are hangout at home with probably big hangover so it is always nice to get out and just enjoy that day. This Sunday it was very nice weather so I decided to hang out with friend of mine that I didn't see for a really long time. We had great time first we went to a restaurant and had amazing cesat salad keeping it health right and then we walked around the lake and drank some juice on a way and we were just talking and talking and that was great and here is what I wore on this day

Sunglasses from Rayban | Top from H&M |  Denim shorts from Zara | Denim jacket from H&M | Watch from MichaelKors | Shoulder clutch from Manor | Sneakers from Vans

As you can see I was wearing my raybans that I always wearing because I love them and it was sunny so I needed them for sure and then I wanted to keep it simple this outfit so I took my black top from h&m, this amazing denim shorts that I got year ago but didn't get to wear it that much and I thought because I am already wearing denim it won't hurt some more denim so I got this denim jacket that I just got view days ago and put it around me because it wasn't too cold for that but you never know in Switzerland when it might get cold and then for accessories I got of course my on shoulder clutch the most practical thing ever and of course my mk watch to keep track of the time and for shoes I decided on this vans that I also brand new looks great in this casual kind of look. I loved playing around with denim and casual look and how great it turned out even thought I thought it would look horrible

Hope you enjoyed this article till next time

Nakedlydressed xx