food frinds

Thursday, September 10, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so today's topic is fun and can contribute in making more healthy, and make you bullied up some really easy everyday health habits for life .
being frinds with your food will do you a lot on the long run just know that kinda friends you become friends with hahahah.
so lets start gathering our food friends :
drink friends :
-water is a must its our best friend the more you drink the better , water even helps to prevent cellulite from forming under your skin.
- green tea:
it actually burns fat and has estrogen components and it has caffeine , and dosent have a color to it so your teeth will not suffer from coloration , as a start take one cup a day with no surge then add more as you get used to the taste , you can add mint leaves and ginger to add flavor but take no more than 5 cups a day .
-fruit/power smoothies :
invest in a good protein powder add that to your smoothies , drink smoothies in the morning or after work out or as a snack that way you would have put something good in your body and it will keep you full just make sure you use the sweetness of the fruit and don't add sugar .
-dressings and spices:
adding spice to your food will save you calories and will make you healthier and well food is just bouring when its not spiced out .
-fat is not flavor , butter is good but not much of it mayonnaise has just to much oil in it and ketchup had alot of sugar .
so mustered is a good replacement since it has 0% calories or fat but it has a lot of salt so still go easy with it, hot sauce is also a perfect option just look for something more natural or make your own and use it even in restaurants !!
-add spices to your food :
like pepper, pine , garlic ...etc , then add little salt this is a good trick to reduce salt consumption adding lime is a good way to that ass well.
-whole not white :
ofc i am talking about flour try as much as you can to get whole grain bakery because white
flour has not benefit to your body other than calories why eat it u can but don't make
it a daily thing.
-boiled is our buddy:
when your are hungry boil an egg or boil some potato or carrots , boiled things make you feel fuller and no add calories from fraying so always go with it at the times of argent hunger.