less is more

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Hello all you nakedly dressed readers :
Today's article is very light and has a few live basics thought we give you something different this time , "Less is more" how many times have we heard that phrase as it turns out it is kind of true and ill tell you what we should do less of :
1-judge yourself less:
Don’t go over and over the mistakes you have done or your past , it will not do you any good and it just takes away from the time that you could have used to be happy or to do something fun and useful, your mistakes can't be undone so accept that you made that mistake and behave differently the next time.
Don’t look at the mirror and hate yourself you are who you are that will not change, but be the best you you can ever be , get healthy and fit take care of yourself and your body and skin and hair .
2-don’t over think your reaction:
We all do that when we react to something did I say to much or did to much…ect.
Don’t bother about it so much ,people are not god so you shouldn't consider their opinion so much at the end of the day no one is holding a gun over your head , pleas yourself and act like yourself.
3- don’t over think your relationship:
If you are thinking about every single move you make when you are in a relationship then well it’s a prison , a relationship should be on someone who likes the dum silly part of you just like the other hot sexy parts otherwise its just not going to last , so be you from the start and don’t hold back on what you want or your standard and right person will come no matter how long it takes.
4- think less do more:

Almost everything seems to be impossible when you look at it from a distance , but it is not that hard if you do it yourself do the things you are afraid off and secretly want  and don’t think much about doing them because you will get caught up in your own head  "GO WITH THE FLOW" as they say.
5- less worry better life:
We all worry about the future and what will happen next , you can literally count every single step you will make from now all the way to the next 15 years and still some or many changes my happen to your plan ; that’s the way it is there is not really a way to make sure that things  will happen according to our plans is there?
So make you plans but not your goals be ready to change them when life changes, don't spend time crying over spilled milk .