Different ways to wear military style jacket

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Lately I have been obsessed with those military style jackets, and they also seem to be very in at the moment all cool kids are wearing them. I bought first one at the bershka and you can see it in my previous post where I show you my first fall look, but then I bought couple more and it seems like there are only jackets I am wearing. I just don't know what is with them but I think they are so amazing look kind of casual but also very stylish and a bit in vintage style as well and you got quiet some options with these jackets so for today's article I will show you couple of ways to wear this jackets

Girly dress: I love these girly dresses in fall season and they look so great with military jacket. It works great with military jacket and for example boots or some stylish sneakers and with that some nice leather backpack to look even more cute and you are ready for some fun fall adventures with your friends. This makes casual outfit look super cute 

Jeans: our amazing military jacket also looks great with jeans, you would think they don't suit good together but they really do. And you can totally style it to look even elegant. I wear jeans and military jacket with some nice blouse in elegant way or if it is casual then go with some basic shirt get some nice ankle boots with that get your favourite bag and then mix thing little up with some nice accessories around your arms fingers. This is great way to spend some fun fall days

Ripped high waisted shorts: if it happens that you are wearing military jacket in time of warm weather or you live where you only have warm weather, great way to rock your military jacket would be to wear a pair of ripped high waisted shorts. These ripped shorts are really stylish and look for casual looks but you can totally pull off an elegant look. Great way to wear it with military jacket would be with some nice heeled sandals, maybe platforms if you don't like heels and if the jacket is long as the shorts is, it is also nice because from behind you won't even see what you are wearing and it looks nice to just see your beautiful legs from behind. With some nice heeled sandals you would want to get some nice either clutch or handbag and then you can ready for nice night out

 Suede skirt: as you might have noticed I am very obsessed with suede stuff and great way to wear military jacket is with nice suede skirt. Suede skirt is special by herself so it doesn't need too much stuff so with suede skirt and military jacket it would be some nice long knees leather boots or ankle boots and with that all should clutch with some colours wouldn't be bad and also get some nice necklaces to mix thing up and there you go you got outfit for some special occasions

Leather trousers: now if you want to edge things up we got leather trousers with military jacket. I love wearing anything leather it is a bit different and you are going out of your comfort zone, which you are suppose to be with fashion. So here is how you can wear these great trousers, because it is edgy wear some top that is unique and for example these tops with fringe they are very stylish and kind of unique then some ankle boots or heels it depends where you are going and some nice clutch and nice colourful accessories and there you go edge of the day

Skater skirt: skater skirts are great they are in fun way girly but also a bit edgy some great mix between those two. You can wear also skater skirt with military jacket in great stylish way. With this look you do need to stay simple meaning just wearing with the skirt some simple shirt one coloured or blouse and tuck it into the skirt a bit loos to look nice and then wear my favourite heels the pointed toe heels of course you can wear it with some nice ankle boots or nice sneakers but if you are going to some fancy event I suggest to wear nice pointed toe heels

As you can see there are many fun ways to wear this military jacket and also not only in fall also you can wear it in summer, spring just maybe not in winter it is way too cold at that time. But I love how you can totally stay simple because the jacket is already unique and it works with many styles and looks. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you try any of these looks make sure to take photo and send us we might post yours on our instagram

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