Fashion: Fall Essentials

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As we all have noticed who live in Europe and even outside the Europe the fall has come and summer is officially over, and we need to be super ready for this fall season and get our wardrobe ready as well. I have to be honest I have been loving the clothes that are in trend this fall, it's has a lot of khaki colour that I love and suede stuff which I am so obsessed with. So for today's article I'll talk about clothes you will need this fall for sure, the clothes in my opinion that are must have this fall. Hope you have fun readying this one

1. Ankle boots: ankle boots have been trendy for view years now, and because in fall it is not that cold so we don't need real boots ankle boots are perfect and also look so cute with anything. I love them because they be elegant as well as casual. You could wear them with some nice skirt for example leather skirt and military style jacket. Great for casual days

2. Cat eye sunglasses: because we said goodbye to summer doesn't mean that sun is gone, in fall we have also sun and sunny days so for those days we will need some trendy sunglasses and for me they are these cat eye coating sunglasses that look amazing and are must have for these sunny days for you to look cute as hell. And they look good with anything and they suit most of the people. And I love the glasses and blue coloured you kind of need some colour in fall because everything is mostly brown and now a bit khaki coloured but we also need some bright colours and this one is great so shake things up

3. Military style khaki coloured jacket: I recently bought military style jacket in bershka and have been wearing it non-stop. In fall it is not that cold for coats, so this jacket is great it is light jacket that will keep you warm enough. And it needs to be in this khaki colour because that's one of the trendiest colours at the moment and it is must have for fall. This jacket is very school girl kind of style but also goes also to some kind of vintage/retro style and it really looks cute. I love wearing this jacket with pair of a bit ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots with some nice bag with for example fringe because fringe are very in this season anything with fringe is good to go

4. Pullover: for cold fall days you will also need nice, cute pullover that you can jump into and keep you warm but still you will look cute. This year I have noticed they have been making great pullovers that you are just dying to wear and also must have is cardigan as well. Looks also very cute and keeps you warm. When it is casual but even elegant occasions it works when you style it the right way

5. Skinny ripped jeans: ripped skinny jeans have been so trendy this season and also now at the fall. It doesn't matter if they are just ripped on knees, full ripped or some parts, if you have them you know it is good. I love ripped jeans because they look interesting and very special and unique. These crazy jeans you can wear with anything from just simple top and some jacket to more elegant blouse or blazer. Because they are ripped doesn't mean they can't be elegant

6. Stripes shirt: I have always loved these striped shirt, but they have been popular this year and everyone started wearing them. This fall stripes shirt with black and white combo as well as red and green combos have been trendy and people have been wearing them a lot. So this is for me essential. They look very nice and you can quickly make great outfit with that, it goes casual as well as elegant. I would wear with some nice sued skirt and then I would tuck this shirt into skirt but loos and then to look super great I would wear ankle boots because ankle boots make any outfit look good.

7. Leather skirt: nothing is better to edge out your style in fall with a leather skirt or even leather dress or leather trousers. I think anything leather is must have for fall at least one leather clothing item is must have. Leather stuff really edgy out your style and suits great in fall style. Also leather jacket great for fall it is not too warm just enough to keep you warm in the fall. Leather skirt is great with pair of biker boots and some shirt but maybe not wear it with leather jacket that is too much 

8. Hat: these big hats that you can barely see your eyes are great accessories in fall season. Nice with these military style jacket and some ankle boots. I love how you can look so classy with that, even though your look is pretty casual. You can wear it with skirt, some jeans or some leather trouser anything works. When it nice sunny day out or even bit colder to keep your head warm

9. Suede: as I mentioned and also did post about it suede is bit hit this year and especially now in fall season. Anything from suede jacket to suede skirt is must have of course you don't need everything but at least one item to make your fall wardrobe complete. This dress you could wear with some nice leather jacket to edge out your look and with either some nice biker boots or ankle boots and with that some nice bag with fringe details because fringe are also must have this fall. This dress perfect for nice day out with your girls

So these are my fall essentials, I really think that these items are must have to rock your looks this fall. And I am so excited to show you more looks with these amazing items this fall. Great article and look are coming soon get excited

Nakeldydressed xx