Halloween: Costume ideas

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The reason I love so much October because it's Halloween month and ever since I known about halloween I loved it. Because I grew up in Europe we didn't have halloween for a while only for couple of years now, halloween is more popular in America and that is where it was born. But I love Halloween we got to be whatever we want to be doesn't matter what we actually are or it doesn't matter our personality. If you are very shy halloween is great way to be more confident because you can dress up in some confident character or just be some fun character. On halloween you are allow be dress up as better version of yourselves or at least version you rather be because it is different from you but it is just fun to be someone else and see how it looks and halloween is every year so you can always keep trying new once. So this week I have halloween party and I got great costume for myself but maybe some of you don't have much time to prepare perfect costume so I will give you some great ideas for costume

 Princess Jasmine: I love Princess Jasmine and she has been my favourite Princess ever since I watched the cartoon, I really feel like she is strong woman and anyways I finally decided I am going to dress like her on halloween this year and of course I will post photos. But now what you will need for Jasmine, she is all about this light blue colour and in kind of belly dancer style with there pants and this crop top but you can easily wear some nice blue dress or like me blue tutu with some crop top and you will need to make hair likes heres with some hairband and it doesn't need to be with this coral it can easily be some normal hairband I think it's important to be in some blue colour and have the same hair she has and that's it then you can wear also dress or something else and you have your Jasmine look

Audrey Hepburn: what better way to go to Halloween then to dress like this great actress who did some much in her life and achieved a lot and she is also tiffany's gal which is great as well. For here it is very easy you will need some simple black dress, black heels some pearls and if you have some nice earrings, nice black glows, sunglasses and hair in bun and you are ready to go as Audrey this one is very easy so it's perfect for last minute kind of costume

Sandy from grease: another confident character and great way to go to halloween party. Sandy is confident and knows what she wants, her style is simple but yet very unique and stylish. It is very easy to dress like her just talk pair of black jeans, some nice black top, leather jacket, some heels, red lipstick and on side pony tale and you are ready to be sandy 

Hermione Granger: this one is very typical for halloween because it all about scary things and witches are also that. Hermione is not only one of the smartest students in her school, she knows her way around any kind of spell or can solve any problem and that makes her pretty damm confident and these costume are all about great confident women because they are pretty great. For her you would need kind of skater style in school girl style some nice shoes or ballerinas, white shirt and pullover over it and get some kick ass fond and act as you know everything because that what Hermione would do

Princess Bella: this princess is also great halloween costume and she also knows what she wants and is not afraid to fight what she believe is right and that is what makes her great character. Bella is all about yellow so just get some yellow elegant dress but little rose somewhere around the dress, but also maybe glows, the hair should be just little bit curly and then in the hair put my hairband and with that you can go and be great character 

Wednesday Adams: this little lady is child of halloween, she is all about dark mode. Wednesday has power to make anything look scary and she is not afraid of anything that makes her strong. So if you like that put on some black mid dress, black shoes, put on pony tale and maybe some light lipstick and then some scary detail either accessories or just something to wear and go and scar people 

Cruella de vil: Cruella was big part of my childhood, even though she was scaring shit out of me I still remembered her and she was also my dad's favourite character and he will be probably super happy I am writing about her. She is really something special even though she was evil she has something that makes everyone love her and if you go as her you have many options. You can wear dress with red heels some fluffy jacket some glows and bling bling and get yourself black and white wig just be crazy as her and I think this idea might be original because I don't know how many people dress like her

 Sher from Clueless: Clueless is such an epic movie I still can watch it over and over again without getting tired of it and Sher is such a great character she is kind of lost in her own world but yet still manage to do good with her power of popularity and walks around the huge confidence and doesn't let any men bring her down. For her you will need some school kind of yellow skirt, yellow pullover and maybe over a blazer long white sucks, backpack, some nice flats and of course shopping bags and phone or you can dress in that party scene in red dress with black coat and red heels also if you want to pair with your bestie she can be Sher's best friend 

For us girls there are great ideas for costume from some great and very independent and confident character that we will love to be. You don't even need that much stuff for costume you don't have to look exactly like them but in this direction and please guys just have fun and if you have time send us some crazy halloween pics we would love to see them. Get excited to see ours 

Till next time

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