Kayla Workout Program Wednesday Week 13

Thursday, October 15, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So here we go again it's that time of week where we need to workout again and this time it's arm day. This is a bit different from first guide because the second day would always be abs day but we all like little change don't we? I think this workout it's quit easy and nice to do for middle of the week to feel better so here we go

1. Circuit
15 x push ups
15 x side raises
15 x tricep dips
20 x weighted bent leg jackknifes 
2. Circuit
30 x mountain climbers
15 x medicine ball squat & press
50 x skipping
15 x lay down push ups


Push ups: more explanation here

Side raises: this picture show it pretty clearly you have to take two weights in each hand then raise both hands on the side and then put them back and then again 

Tricep dips: more explanation here

Weighted bent leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Mountain climbers: more explanation here

Medicine ball squat & press: more explanation here

Skipping: more explanation here

Lay down push ups: more explanation here

This one was fun wasn't it? Not even that hard, please remember to make also a bit of breaks between circuits and just take time to breath and drink a bit of water that's very important and do not over do it, if you are feeling overwhelmed just stop it even if you didn't do the whole workout it is not worth it. And we would also love to see your progress so send us pictures of your progress we would love to see it and don't forget to come back on Friday for another workout

Stay beautiful

Nakedlydressed xx