Blue shades with braids

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today was very sunny day in Zürich, for November too sunny it was like 17 degrees and so awesome because I had day off so I could enjoy this beautiful day. To be honest I am loving the weather in Switzerland this year it has been long warm summer and now even fall feels like summer. Anyways of course I had to go out and enjoy this day and that's why I went out with my sister. We went to the lake at "Rote Farbik" where is so nice and I love it there because you are so close to the lake and you can see the whole city there. I also love there because all young people hang out there and people also draw graffiti and I love looking at them and just enjoy the picture of it. Anyways my sister and I went there for a while but because it was such an amazing weather it was way too many people and we couldn't order anything in the cafe, so we decide to take nice walk to city and we ended up in starbucks. We were then on other side of the lake and enjoyed the view and then at the time it was getting a bit cold and late so we headed home and had great home made pizza at home. So here is what I wore on this beautiful day

Sunglasses from Rayban | Top from Zara | Jeans jacket from H&M | Ripped skinny jeans from Bershka | Fringe handbag from H&M | Stripes shirt from Bershka | Red lipstick from Maccosmetics | Glitter sneakers from Bershka

With this look I went in school girl direction. My sister made me this pretty braids that I love wearing they look kind of nice don't they? With that I need to put my blue shades because it looks awesome with that and red lipstick, and then I took this stripe top from Zara that I really love the material is really nice. I decide to wear jeans jacket, but I almost wore military style jacket but though this one suits better and I was right. For trousers I choose this push up skinny jeans from Bershka that I am loving at the moment because my legs look so skinny am I right? Or maybe I actually lost weight since I have been doing a lot of fitness. And because it was hot I put trousers a bit up so my legs could enjoy the sun and it does kind of look better with this look and I knew at some point it will get cold I took this stripe shirt and just put around my and it does look so nice this way as well. I have been wearing this shirt for a while this way and it does look awesome and then for shoes I decided on this glitter sneakers from Bershka that I so love they are very comfy and come on glittery shoes are always good idea and I also needed something to put my stuff in so I took this H&M fringe bag that is the best thing ever. So this was my look hope you got inspired and liked it

Nakedlydressed xx