Stripes for fall

Friday, November 06, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I really love stripes and I love putting together outfit with stripe item. I think stripes always look nice, but of course don't over do it with stripes then it looks really weird. Anyways I think stripes look nice in every season and also in fall. So for today's article I will show you couple of stripes item you can wear in fall have fun

Polo neck top: these polo neck top are always great for fall because they keep you warm and look amazing. This little cute top I found at ASOS  and just click here to check it out. Anyways this amazing top you can wear with some high waist skirt, some nice boots either ankle boots or maybe long legged boots, leather jacket and some nice handbag also at this moment very in bag with fringe details and you got great look for some casual day at work

Stripe denim trousers: I love stripe tops but sometimes stripe trousers are also great and I found great once on Forever21 and the best thing about them is you can style them in different ways. For example if you are going out with your girls wear some nice pointed toe heels with one coloured shirt and get some nice shinny clutch and for end effect tie your hair in pony tale and that's great elegant look for you. For more casual look you can wear some nice sneakers with this trousers and basic top

Bershka checked shirt with pockets: I recently bought this shirt at Bershka, you might have seen it in my outfit look article and anyways I think this one is perfect for fall. It is very cosy but also very fall style. You could wear it with some nice leather trousers and just tuck the shirt in the trousers and with that wear some kick ass ankle leather boots, for jacket it can be either leather jacket for very edgy style or just some nice coat and then for end of course accessories you can wear your simple handbag and nice girly hat and you got some great casual but also edgy look going on for you 

 Turtleneck dress: this dress is very simple but yet it has something special, and you can see by just looking at it, that it's great for fall. It's longer dress with long sleeves to keep you warm for these rainy days. Anyways in case you were wondering I found this amazing dress at Nastygal and let me tell you how you can wear this one. For business days or just day at work you can wear black elegant blazer, nice ankle boots on heels if you have one of those or also just ankle boots would work, nice simple on shoulder clutch and as super great accessories nice headband in your hair and you got cute and also business look 

Stripe wrap mini skirt: now we have something with stripe that is more for nights out and more in elegant way. This skirt from Missguided  is great for nights out in fall and it looks kind of cool. I would wear this elegant skirt with some simple one coloured top or shirt maybe shirt would be better more elegant, for shoes I would totally wear some heeled boots or also any elegant shoes if you don't like wearing heels, for jacket great way to rock this look would be with some nice coat and for end of course accessories and that would be on shoulder clutch with fringe details and you got amazing look for night out with your friends

Stripe jersey: these jerseys are always great to have at any time, but I just adore this one because it has pretty fall colour and it is also kind of oversized which looks always great. And guess where is this from? The one and only Pull&Bear and the question is how to wear it? Well girls if you want to go with casual look totally wear it with some nice skinny jeans and tuck the jersey in them but not too much just a bit, wear some nice sneakers like I have one amazing glittery sneakers from Bershka and with that military style jacket would also be great and some nice backpack or handbag with couple of rings to look even more cool

Stripe poncho: ponchos are always great to keep yourself warm and perfect for fall and I mean how cute are they? Anyways I found this amazing poncho at Stradivarius and wanted to share this one with you. With this poncho you have way too many options from leather skirt with some shirt and ankle boots, suede skirt maybe some basic top and hat or go with elegant dress and long legged boots for classic look and then just some simple bag not too big and not too small and also put some nice necklace on you and you got great fall look btw soon new article about ponchos is coming soon

I feel like stripes will never go out of style, they are always great to wear and you get great looks from them. These item I found and fell in love with because they are so amazing and perfect for fall check them out and let me know how you like them

Hope you enjoyed this one

Nakedlydressed xx