Edgy and comfy

Sunday, December 06, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

You know guys how obsessed I am with edgy style and everything that is edgy and I feel this year edgy style has been big hit and everyone is mixing it up with their usual style. Sometimes though edgy style can be really uncomfortable so for today's article I got my two favourite things together edgy and comfy and who doesn't love that looking stylish and feeling great in it I know sometimes we do need to be in pain for fashion but during hard working days it is nice to feel good in the things you are wearing so here is a great look for these hard working days and when it is comfy doesn't mean it ain't stylish so here is this amazing look. First I will tell you where you can get these stuff from the look and then we will talk about the look
1. Fluffy black vest from Topshop
2. Cargo black trousers from Bershka
3. Leather jacket from Pull&Bear
4. Ankle boots from Pull&Bear
5. Fringed thread earrings from Bershka
6. Opi nail polish from OPI
7. Backpack from Stradivarius

As you can see it is pretty simple look with nice details. First I choose these cargo black trousers because they are totally awesome and very comfy, they are not really edgy but if you have right details it will totally go edgy. For jacket I got two party first this leather very simple edgy jacket that I really like but I saw this one at Pull&Bear long time ago so if you really like it and might want to buy it you probably won't find it but they have now similar and second part would be this awesome fluffy vest since it is cold outside and we can't just go with our leather jacket. I mean we can but it will be very cold and that also is comfy part feeling warm in your outfit and I think this fluffy vest gives the outfit little girly style but still stays very much edgy because fluffy is so edgy. Nothing says more edgy than ankle boots so that is a must and I found this once at Pull&Bear very cute once and very warm, and because these cargo trousers are not that long there will be space between boots and trousers for little skin which is not that bad. And now for accessories of course when it is edgy you need black nail polish I got this OPI but you can get any you want and we got this kind of retro style earring with nice details from Bershka and for the end cute little backpack in brown, that really is going to look nice. I love wearing backpacks they do really look nice and great with this look I choose the brown one because I thought little colour wouldn't hurt. So that's it from my edgy and comfy look and of course if you want look like this just get stuff from this look but you don't have to get from the same stores or anything like that I did made pretty easy for you to find these stuff because I directly linked to the page of the products so you don't have to brows for hours to find the product. Anyways I think this look is pretty awesome and great for winter I am sure gonna try it sometime anyways hope you enjoyed it and got inspired

Lots of love

Nakedlydressed xx