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Wednesday, December 09, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hey guys today's article is very important and i get asked about it alot those cooled days so without further ado let me introduce to you the food that can help you keep warm during winter :
it is known that there is hot and cooled foods , in other words there are stuff that can bring up you body heat and others that can bring it down it all depends on the inside interaction between food and body .
so lets start :
- cold and cold together :

you may have heard some one tell you this before but actually consuming cold drinks during the winter will get your body warmer than if you drink something hot simply because that you body has to bring its heat up to get the drink in the right temperature for digestion and burns extra calories as well!!
- chocolate love  :
yah it is our lady , the brown beauty  dark brown ofc will help warm you up right away , but dark ones girls don't just fuck up the healthy moood lol.
- the honey honey : 
honey is a hot food it is recommended that you eat it in the winter more than the winter as it brings your body heat fast , and it is a veeeeeeeeeeery healthy thing and a grate replacement  to sugar and it is sweet so you got nothing to loose give it a go first thing in the morning i mix it with
worm water and lemon of cold water what eat  you want .
-ginger :
one cup of this will get you sweating like a big i swear as actually it burns fat so take a spoon of grained ginger with warm water i add lemon of green tea or honey and i drink it give it a go and trust me you will be loving the results .