Burgundy colour

Monday, January 18, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So I have noticed that this burgundy colour has been trending this winter and it is such a good colour for winter actually I am totally into it and makes you so much hotter. So today I thought to do fashion article with that colour so you will able to see some cool items with that colour so let's go

1. Bomber jacket from Stradivarius: I think this colour of bomber jacket is totally awesome and kind of badass kind of way. You can totally wear this one with black stuff like some skinny black jeans and black top and even black boots to be totally badass, or maybe but a bit colour but only a bit since the colour is already quit instance you just need one colour and go very simple with that look maybe just simple clutch and no accessories 

2. Top from Bershka: this top is pretty awesome I love a bit loss tops that you can tuck into your jeans. Anyways this top will look great with some nice skinny jeans doesn't matter what colour because the colour is really great the black once but also blue jeans would be great and this top is for more casual looks so it suits perfect and with that maybe some long length boots and get some details like nice hat and backpack 

3. Girly hat from Pull&Bear: you know I love hats and this one also since it has such a great colour and it is so elegant and this hat you can wear in different ways. Like for example with some nice skirt together with shirt and with that long length boots and all of that with coat and clutch so you will look like classy lady very elegant and stylish and hat will be enough as accessories you don't need more because the colour makes such a difference 

 4. Leather leggings from Forever21: I think leather leggings is great way to dress in edgy way and I love how it looks edgy style. And this colour does make it a bit less edgy but it is good if you are not big fan of edgy. I would wear this leggings with some cool ankle boots because leather leggings really make your legs skinnier and you have to use that and just with these leggings get some rings and necklaces and a bit of fringe details like jacket or clutch to be very edgy and cool

5. Velvet sneakers from Bershka: haven't you noticed that this velvet material has been popular for while and I got for you guys amazing velvet sneakers very retro kind of style. With this once you can do a lot either some nice skirt and shirt for more elegant style or just simple trousers with nice details for casual look with this sneakers you can really do different looks 

6. Fringe clutch from Topshop: I am so obsessed with clutches and when the clutch has fringe details even more. I love how it suits perfectly with this colour and fringe details and this is for sure for classy looks with for example some nice leather dress totally go with it or leather trousers and heels for night out with your girls and don't put too much accessories because the bag it self is enough

7. Necklace from Bershka: this necklace is great for everyday looks that needs some details for example if your look has only just one or two colours and needs a bit colour totally awesome or you feeling like it needs something more or for more classy looks it is always welcome with some simple dress would always look good 

So how do you like my choice of stuff with burgundy colour? I think there are pretty great stuff here and pretty useful for you don't you think so? So this was fun writing and if you like articles like this let us know so we can write more articles like this 

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