easy ways to cut down calories

Saturday, January 23, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hello girls how is it going today i am going to give you some of my personal tricks to avoid extra calories consumption nothing fancy just three tips as you will see in the next line and all things you can do easily everyday :
1- keep the water near :
yup as i always emphasis water is a must , and if you drink enough you can lose wight as it ups you metabolism  and cleans your body of all the bad stuff .
so always keeping a full water bottle next to you will make it easier to reach than going to get some food that will save you like hundreds or even thousands of calories at the end of the month.
2- get gummy :
this is by far out the best way to keep the mouth busy , when ever you can chew gum do it even at work take a really small peace and chew it ,this will help with digestion and cavity and you will have a fresh breath take a sugar free gum , to save some more calories when ever you watch tv of on your free time chew , and the
are you have it you saved a tone of calories .
3-nusts on hand :
as well as keeping a water bottle and gum around the snacks makes and important part of our day and they are a must , so if you will snack then do it will something good always keep nuts like  almonds , raisins , around you house and office and that is the good kind of calories you want actually .