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So it is beginning of our beautiful new year 2016 and that also means new makeup and all amazing stuff from beauty department even better than from last year. I love checking out latest makeup lines from my favourite brands and just imagining how they would look on me. And I know you guys also love all of our latest products article so I thought why not again and this time we are covering our amazing Nars. I love Nars it is so classy and elegant so I am not going to talk too much let's just start

Matt/Shimmer eyeshadow palette: you can never enough eyeshadow palette. The thing I love about eye makeup is you can always mix it up with different colours and still make it look amazing and our dear nars made us something pretty awesome simple eyeshadow palette. I love these natural colours which makes everyday makeup so pretty and then also put some dark shades for night time and some smoky eye makeup 

Humoreque: lipstick is always good idea and with these shades like this. You got in this limited edition set from very nice for everyday makeup from strong red and pink lipstick for more dramatic looks. Why to decide on colour of lipstick when you can have all of them 

Despair cheek palette: and now we also got something for cheeks as well. This four part blush of nice shades for your cheeks to make your cheeks flawless and make them glow. With this limited set you also get brush for blush that will make the blush applying pretty easy. So for sure check out this one so you can make combos everyday some different blush on your face depending the makeup look

No shame killer shine lipstick: everyone loves strong and good lipsticks, that can really highlight your lips. The colours is perfect for kind of winter season this mix between purple and red makes your everyday makeup more dramatic and well night makeup even more hotter so what are you waiting for go grab this little thing because it is limited 

Provoke killer shine lipgloss: I also love lipgloss one another thing I have too much of next to lipstick but seriously there are so many colours you can never have all of them? And it is lighter version of lipstick so good during the day, but what good about this nars lipgloss is that is good quality and that means it last longer so you got an awesome colour to spice your everyday makeup and you don't have to put it every hour or so it last for pretty long time 

Blush duo: so we got another blush for our beautiful cheeks. So in this one you got only two of colours but if you like these light colours then it is perfect for you and these two more than enough for your cheeks. You can also mix them up you will get great colour. I think these will look amazing on pale skin tones

Night creature nail polish: nail polishes this is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures since I don't even know how much of them I own. Nars also got some of these cuties in their latest collection in some awesome colours like this purple shinny colour kind of thing. This colour would be perfect for just kind of cocktail night out with your girls when you would wear some fancy dress. It is pretty nice because it gives your nails a little of shine 

Hardwired eye kit: another great palette for the eyes with six amazing colours: subtle, minky, smoky, bold and this colours that can mixed pretty good together. For example this green one can be pretty useful for smoky eyes in some green shades or this kind of bold colour with this second one for everyday makeup pretty great palette for like traveling and just short things. Another good thing about this kit is you get a brush and eyeliner with that to make your look even hotter

So these are some of Nars latest products #NARSissit and we hope you enjoyed reading about them if you like these kind of article let us know so we can do more of these some exciting articles are coming soon so stay tune on all of our social media accounts to find out 

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