sky inspired eye step by step shadow

Sunday, January 03, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so today ill give you my makeup eye shadow inspiration that i got from an amazing sky view i was looking at the other day so take a look and give me a thumps up if you like it:
isn't she a sight for sour eyes .
i only used one brush for this make up the rest i did with my fingers , and sorry my eye are very exhausted and red i haven't been sleeping well excuse that plz.

so for the eye shadwo :
-ofc as always i do my eye brows .
- i started with a matt white eye shadow all over my eyes .
-then some glitter white on the inner corner of my eye .
-then some light glitter green on the middle of my eye led and i try to mix that with the whit glitter from the inner corner .
i go over and over the middle of my led with the same green glitter i used to create more intensity .
-when you feel that the color has enough depth to your preference get a mid-blue glitter color and i used my middle finger to apply this color on the otter corner of my eye then mixing it with some of the green from before but not intel the green disperses .
-bring a darker blue glitter color and go with it on the otter corner of your eye , again  mixing it with the blue from before.
with a fine brush for under my eye i used the same white / gold shimmer on my inner corner i started with the whit on the inner corner then got with the gold after the white (some of the shadow got in my eye be careful ) then i finished with some dark pink .
you can do the under or upper eye look alone or with eye liner of with mat colors .
for lips i went with a very light mat soft brown lip.
you can do red of pink lips as you choose.