Must have accessories for spring

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Winter is almost over at least in my country. It doesn't really feel cold anymore and March is coming up and that is the month when spring begins. We are all very excited about this season to be honest my favourite season next to summer and I just really love spring fashion all kind of daisy style and very much girly. So now that spring is coming up we need to be prepare that means we need to know what will be in this spring so we can know what to buy for this spring. So for today's article I will tell you little bit about must have accessories for this spring

Graphic bags: these bags with kind of very cool graphic prints will totally be in this spring. It doesn't matter if it is clutch or handbag if you need one of those for sure and it will look pretty awesome with very elegant black dress for cocktail hours or something like that

Glittery shoes: most of girls love glitters and this spring you are in luck because glittery shoes will be in this spring. It doesn't matter if they are just sneakers, pumps or just sandals if your shoes have glitters then you can't go wrong. I have been loving my glittery sneakers from Bershka I wear them with casual look like skinny jeans and leather jacket and also for night out with my friends with some cute skirt so they are pretty great to have 

Headband: I have been loving headbands this year and this sprint that is something you need to have. This sprint these kind of crown like headbands with lace details will be totally in but also the daisy once that have been in for a while this trend continues this spring as well. I just love these daisy headbands because it is so girly and it makes your outfit so unique and special so get that for sure 

 White bag: from our favourite designers to our favourite brands everyone is making all kind of bags in colour white. It is kind of thing this spring and can't say I am surprised because white as black matches with everything and I feel white looks even better than black bag. So get yourself some cute little white bag or big one you know you could wear with every outfit and it will be in

Crystal clear aka plastic pieces: this kind of thing used to be in when I was little girl. I still remember having one of these plastic bags and I loved it so much I used to wear it everywhere and now it is back. You know how glad I am about it. As you can see these crystal clear kind of plastic clothing items are back like this LB shoes though they look a lot like the once in Cinderella I am not the biggest fan but if you like something like that totally get it. But I love these plastic bags so gonna get one of those. I love the face that you can see what you have in bag and that is kind of cool so make sure to put colourful and fun pieces in this bag so and I feel you can wear this bag in different ways

Espadrille: this one is kind of already from last year but it will also be again this year. This cute flats that will be espadrille will be on again and even our favourite designers like Chanel are making them. You probably saw some models wearing them, but also brands like forever21 have them so don't worry you'll be able to afford them. I love wearing them with shorts or these spring kind of dresses 

Natural bag: what I mean with this natural bag is bags that are made from natural material and have kind of these nude colours and that is what will be in as well. This won't only be good for planet but you will just look cute with them. Wear daisy dress with this one and some sandals and you will look so girly so go and get some of those as well

Long chains: chains in general are great accessories for any time of the day is it night out with your girls or work always looks good. But this season and I have already noticed these long chains have been pretty in and also I love how they look on outfits. So you need to know these long chains are very in and will be in spring as well. Maybe you could wear them with some cute dress for date night 

Chunky chain: now again another style of chains that you will wear this spring and summer. These chunky chains a bit bigger and also kind of heavy chains, but they will look great with some simple look like just casual look with white shirt and some jeans you will want then to wear it. It is great detail for causal looks or with little black dress as well just go simple if you want to wear this chain

Tassel earrings: these earrings that are long will be in and is a must have. It doesn't matter if they are these colourful earrings or just simple gold tassel earrings great way to accessories your nightout looks with these earrings for sure get one of these 

Wicker bags: these bags that are made from same material as basket and very natural looking bags. You will probably need one of those to be in when you are away in country side of even for sunny day in the city with cute daisy pieces and some sandals how about that? But honestly with spring and summer clothing this bag will suit great so that I also something that will be in and just will look pretty cute in spring 

Tote bag: these big and very comfy bags that you can put a lot of stuff in. Very practical for person who is running around the whole day and needs a lot of stuff. Even out favourite designers are making them and I already see girls all over the city wearing them so this bag is also in for this season. Very cute way to wear it is with some maxi dress very spring like and it suits with the bag

Neckerchief: now we are going back to retro with this neckerchief I love this scarfs and not only around neck but also you can wear as headband it will also look great and is also in. For this spring with some simple top and skinny jeans you will look great and be totally trendy so get one of those and you can get at any of your department stores for very low price

Floffy brim: spring and summer is time for hats and this year as well this floffy brim will be very in and every pretty girl needs to have one. I love it because you can wear it with anything with leather jacket very edgy look to daisy dress and very girly look it can always be great accessory and these you can find anywhere for pretty good price so go and get it to look like classy lady

Flatforms sandals: we know spring and summer time for sandals but this year not just any sandals we now got a mix between flats and platforms that are called flatforms sandals and you can see on the picture what I mean and they are pretty indie style and very cute with some cute shorts or skirt. They might look weird when you look at them but actually they look great trust me so get one of those and also they are so comfy you can't even imagine it 

Sunglasses: of course in spring and summer you'll need sunglasses not only to protect you from the sun but it is great accessories. This year as well dior's so real sunglasses and these reflected mirror sunglasses are very in and need to have one of those and basically they look great with anything so you don't need to worry about that

Quit some new trends for this year. The trends do repeat themselfs but the way you wear them is always different and we always make up they way we wear them and that is why fashion will never be boring because people are creative and will always make something different and even better than last time. Anyways I hope I inspired you with this article hope you can use these to be trendy and stylish this season and let me know which trend you like the best? I can't wait for spring to use these

Nakedlydressed xx