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Friday, March 04, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today I had off after four days on non-stop working finally. You can't imagine how it feels good to have Friday off and because I had off today I decided to be a bit lazy. I am super lazy on Sunday but on days I have off I am just little bit lazy. For my lazy day I decided to go shopping with my mom and sister to check out if there are some stuff on sale and get something new. It is always good to get something new am I right? We planned to go to this one huge shopping mall near my city and to IKEA since there are super close to each other. For shopping trips you also need to look super cute as always this is my motto always look good no matter where you go. I decided to wear something light since we were going by car and we would just be in shopping mall so here is what I wore

Striped shirt from Bershka | Bomber jacket from Stradivarius | Velvet green clutch from Pull&Bear | High waist skinny jeans from Topshop | Red turtleneck top from Stradivarius | Black sneakers from Vans | Round rings from Stradivarius

 As you can see pretty simple outfit with view details. Great for shopping trips. First I decided on wearing this turtleneck top in red because I just love how it looks and it is very comfy as well you can't really see it, because it under the shirt. With that shirt I knew I wanted to wear this bomber jacket so nothing would be better than this bomber jacket with striped shirt that I have been loving wearing for very long time. I do really think this bomber jacket and this striped shirt and great combo you might have seen a photo I posted of these two together on instagram. Anyways with that I choose to wear this topshop jeans called "Jamie" they are actually similar to the blue once I have from topshop I posted view months ago look with them and also talked about on instagram how good they are. I was so searching the same one in black, but they only had this once, which are also pretty great and I love that they are high waist.  I just thought that would look great with this look. For shoes I actually wanted to go with my pink timberland shoes for one because I really wanted to share them with you and also I was feeling them but they were not looking good with this look at all so I decided on simple vans and you know since I was driving to shopping mall they were the perfect choice because they are so comfy. For bag I decided on this green velvet clutch from Pull&Bear let me tell you this bag shines any outfit because the colour is so amazing don't you think so? And I love this kind of fringe details on the clutch as well and another good thing about this bag is that you can also put it around you if you don't feel like holding it in your hand and for last I choose these round rings from Stradivarius. I am so obsessed with this rings I have been searching for these kind of rings for very long time and now that I have found them I am wearing them all the time and I love how they look as well. 

This was my shopping trip look. Hope you got inspired and liked my look. Pretty exciting stuff are coming up on our blog. At the moment we are working on relaunching our blog and it is going to be super great and we can't wait to show you all the features anyways here preview of the new blog : 

Till next time our fashionistas

Lot of love as always

Nakedlydressed xx