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Hair is very important and it also needs to be taken care of  like when you do your makeup and that is exactly the same, and any outfit looks better with pretty care and also clean and healthy hair feels so much better. Anyways the other day a friend of mine asked me how my hair looks so good even though she doesn't see me do anything to it. Well I don't believe that only because you don't take care of it sometime during the night doesn't mean it won't look good as long as you have good routine while washing it and drying it that will have way more effect than when you constantly take care of it. So for today's article I will give you little inside on how I take care of my hair and give you the names of products I use

Shampoo: First I jump in the shower and start putting shampoo on my hair and as you can see I am using this Loreal Elvive shampoo guys this one is really good, it smells so good and also gives you shine and volume to your hair. I wash my hair by focusing on the bottom of my hair and this way I can easily wash it out 

Hair mask: after I have washed all of the shampoo from the hair I move on to this hair mask. If you don't know what hair mask is, it is basically lotion for the hair it soften the hair and also repairs the damaged hair. When I put this hair mask on I wait for about 10 minutes until I wash it out and btw I only use this hair mask once a week because I don't want to damage my hair with putting too many products and once a week it more than enough. I recently came across this hair mask by eSalon that I discovered by watching one of my favourite Youtubers "Danielle Mansutti" and guys trust me it is amazing and you should try it out they also have great shampoos and conditioners and I love the fact that all of their products have special names

 Body lotion: While I wait to wash my hair mask I put this Nivea moisturizing lotion. I just put it all over my body to soften my skin and just keep it clean and healthy and you know lotion is never bad idea. And when you use lotion you always smell good 

Face cream: after I washed out the lotion I still have couple of minutes left so what I usually do is I put this Clinque moisture cream for the face and let me tell you it is fantastic. It really just moisturizes your face and really cleans it up and really has good effect especially this clinque one you basically need just this cream and some face cream and your face will be beautiful. And I just put this cream all over my face and then I wash it out and it feels so good

Conditioner: After washing out the hair mask I put conditioner to soften my hair and make it more shinny. As you can see I am using this Syoss Conditioner I recently started using it, because I tried it and loved it. I constantly change products, but it is good you have to always keep looking for better product for your hair. Anyways I gently put it on my hair and then I wash it out 

 Leave in conditioner: After I have washed my hair and I take my towel I dry my hair little bit. After that I take this leave-in conditioner from TIGL called "Bed Head" that just also takes care of the hair and makes it more healthy and just protect the hair

Heat protection: Before I move on to drying my hair I use this got2b heat protection because even though hair dryer makes our lives easier, it also damages our hair and for that not to happen or at least in little portion I use this heat protection that also smells good. It is a spray and very easy to put on and it makes brushing so much easier 

 Hair dryer: now it is time to blow dry the hair and I use this Nume pink so pretty right hairdryer it is pretty good and for drying I don't use any brushes or anything because I am pretty lucky my hair stay straight when I dry it so I just dry it and go through it with my fingers

Oil Treatment: when I dried my hair little bit when it is still wet but not completely I take a break and put little bit of this oil in my hair. It also helps with the heat and just to stay healthy this oil is very healthy and I love it, it helps my hair stay healthy sometimes I even put it when my hair is dry and let me tell you this macadamia and most of their products are amazing so totally check it out and this oil is sure thing trust me so if you do have troubles with your hair use this one

 Hair straightener: When I done with drying my hair and still not happy with results either if it is not too straight or I want curly I use this nume another nume product. I actually bought both of them at the same time I choose one to be pink and one purple bought pretty colours and I have to tell you that I noticed a lot of Youtubers and Bloggers using their stuff so totally check it out. Anyways I just do little correction if I am not happy and if you didn't know how you can curl your hair with straightener just take one of these things and roll your hair around and put them together and wait little bit and that's it. 

It is long process, but sometimes I don't do all of it but once a week or once in two weeks I do it since I want my hair to stay healthy and well looking so good. I feel it doesn't matter how much products you use it matters more that they suit your hair so if your hair might still not be healthy just search for different products and see what works best for you. I feel shampoo and conditioner are a must and this hair mask once in a while and also this spray for heat and oil you should also put once in a while in your hair but I can't tell you what is good for your hair, your have to try and see what works best for your hair. Now it is time for big news

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