The Evolution of Personal Style with Avantgarment

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We did couple of collabs in the best with other bloggers and these are always fun. It gives our readers chances to get to know other great bloggers and it gives us also chance to work with other bloggers and get to know them. I recently met Shannon McClelland on my favourite blogger community IFB and she is also another fashion blogger. I have to tell you guys I really enjoyed working with her, she is great blogger who is passionate about her blog and of course about fashion, I noticed that immediately. I am sure she'll do great things in the future. It was my honour to work with her and I do hope that I can work with her in the future. For our collab we decided to do something little different than typical collab. Shannon had great idea about writing about our style evolution how our styles developed through years. I thought it was great idea so our readers can really learn about our background and to really know where we come from. So Shannon put together couple of questions for you guys to understand story of our personal styles so here are Shannon's answers and you can see my answers on Shannon's blog 

1. About the blogger?
My name is Shannon. I am 18 and live in Springfield, MO. I'm a senior in high school and work 2 jobs. I'm a sales associate at the BCBGMaxAzria here in my hometown, and a Study Skills tutor at the community college where I take college courses. I love blogging, fashion, philosophy and psychology.

2. How would you describe your personal style today?
My personal style is very versatile. I have had people tell me I look like different person each time they seem me. I guess that's because I love switching it up. I get bored very easily, and that plays a big part in my style. Also my style is exciting, edgy, and bold. Somedays I look tailored and sophisticated, and other days I can be found rocking a snapback backwards.

3. How has your style developed over the years? What phases has your style gone through? 
My style has gone through way too many phases, honestly. When I was young (about 13), I rocked heavy eyeliner, suspenders and 3D glasses with the lenses taken out of them. I also was very into neon and sequins. It's still painful to talk about, really. Over time, I forced my style more on the person I am and became more aware of the correlation between looking good and living well. I have always admired the idea that fashion is  wearable art, and eventually I started putting that into play in my everyday life. Every outfit is an expression  of me as a person, and sometimes even expresses my mood that particular day. My motto is that I never know who I could meet in a day, so I should be dresses well enough to run into absolutely anyone.

4. How does your style represent your personality/attitude?
I'm very goal-oriented, outgoing and spontaneous. I think my style definitely portrays those aspects of me.

5. Which designers/brands/celebrities have inspired you or influenced your personal style?
Chanel has influenced my personal style most of all. The way she changed the definition of femininity is something  that shows in my style. I don't believe that specific garments or cuts should be designated for a specific gender. Art has no gender and fashion is no different.

6. Five of your favourite brands to buy from?
BCBGMaxAzria, BCBGeneration, Rebecca Minkoff, Ivy Revel and Boohoo

7. What are five of your most prized garments, shoes or accessories in your closet right now?
That's hard question, but I would have to say my H&MxBalmain teal and black fur coat "Karl is My Father" ,shoes from Eleven Paris, Dior "Reflected" sunglasses in pink&white, "Dive Bar" ring from Ringly (best smart jewelry ever) and my black and white tweed-style cropped from BCBGeneration

8. If you could have dinner with one designer- alive or dead, who would it be?
Karl Lagerfeld, most definitely.
Side note: How is he everyone's father? Now that I bought the shoes, does that mean he's my father too? I guess these are the questions I would have to ask him

9. What inspired you to start blogging?
One big motivation was the idea that I could be noticed by my favorite brand BCBG. However, I also started to realize how often people asked me for style advice or even simply asked me about what I was wearing. Style has always been important to me, and I believe it is very important to utilize wearable art as a way to express yourself. Wearing garments that make you feel beautiful also plays a big part in how you approach. Fashion is not all physical, it has a positive mental effect when a person loves the way they look in an outfit. I have always loved giving advice to others because I want them to love themselves and embrace their individuality. After reading about some bloggers and seeing how influential they can be, I decided blogging was the perfect platform to reach more people on a large scale to help them look and feel their very best.

10. How did you decide on the name of your blog? How does represent you, your style and/or your personality?
Actually,  my good friend Andrew gave me the idea. With his input, I decided to name my blog Avant Garment. I like the consider my style and attitude as very "avant-garde" so it fits perfectly.

This is what this sweet lady had to say about her style and well just her little story about her style. She is very impressive person and great blogger and I adore her style very much. I can say it is different from any style I have ever seen. I love how she accessorises her outfits and it is kind of elegant in very stylish way. I had so much fun working with her and can't wait for our next collab. I had chance to get to know great girl and blogger and hope we will keep working together in future

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