What's in my speedy 35

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I know you guys kind of know me from reading about my looks what I wore and also I did write stuff about myself, but another great way to get to know me better is to know what I have in my bag. I feel that it is important for readers to know about the person who is writing and it is important to be for you guys to know me and understand me. I think when I show you what I am carrying around the whole day you can have better picture who I am. Sometimes just by knowing how I look and my style isn't enough. Most of the time I wear my Louis Vuitton "Speedy 35" it is great bag, you can put a lot of things in it and I feel it is also practical to wear it on daily base. I got this one when I was like 20 years old. Back then I really wanted one of these so badly so when I got my first salary I bought it and I was so happy about it, but today I see so often girls wearing them I sometimes get sick of it. Also little disclaimer with article I am not trying to show off what I have and whatever, I just wanted to show you what I have in my bag but you probably know that since you know from my look articles most of my clothing pieces are inexpensive. Anyways these are things I carry in my bag on daily base

1. Stadivarius wallet: first the most important thing is my wallet and this one I got view months ago and of course it is from Stradivarius my fav shop and I just love the colour it is so pretty. Anyways I would suggest anyone to buy wallet at Stradivarius it is enough big to fit all of your stuff. Anyways in my wallet I got my cards from bank card to these gift cards always happy to get these and of course starbucks goldencard because I am there all the time and just my id, bus tickets and some other stuff I don't really carry cash in my wallet because I can pay with card anywhere and you never know someone might seal your wallet 

2. Bubble gum: either when you are hungry or through the day just bored waiting for someone or anything you will need gum and also to keep your mouth refreshed so that is why I always have gum in my bag you know you will always need it 

3. Water: it is important for your body to drink a lot of water through the day and you never know when you might be thirsty, so I always have one bottle of s.pellegrino water bottle. This is just the best water ever I think I have too many bottles of this water in my house. Anyways I suggest to everyone to carry water it is good to drink water 

4. Basic naked palette from UD: like any girl I also carry important thing and that is makeup. I always put this naked basic palette in my bag because it is in small packaging, it is not too heavy. You know I sometimes have no time to do my makeup or might need to fix it and trust me it always comes handy to be. And this basic palette has all you need for everyday makeup. 

5.Rayban sunglasses: sunglasses is never bad to have, you never know when the sun will shine it can also be in the cold winter as well as in the summer. And when sun shines you don't want to miss that opportunity to wear sunglasses and look all cute right? So I carry them in my bag as well either this blue raybans that you know I am obsessed with because I wear them with most outfits or the my other classic raybans it depends on the mood

7. Book: I bought a book to write all my ideas for the blog in it, from article ideas to just future ideas for the blog and more. I also write there notes and stuff and I carry this book around so when my head comes up with some idea I can write it down right aways and not forget about it. I actually gave the book total makeover I bought it in pink but I added some glitters and pretty stickers on it and sometimes people watch that book with eyes when I am outside writing in it. But this book is very important to be, it really helps me give you guys better content and keep track of all the things I need to do for the blog

8.Hola bronzer: I recently bought hola bronzer that everyone is so obsessed with and trust me it is an amazing product. I carry it in my bag because bronzers tent to go away after a while so when you want to give your face little colour it is always good to have one of those and also most of the time I put bronzer at work. 

9. Urbandecay lipstick: to be honest this urbandecay lipstick is not the only lipstick I carry in my bag I have so many lipsticks in my bag I put different lipsticks every day and forget to take out of my bag so now I have at least 5 lipsticks in my bag but my recent one that I have been wear for view days now is this Urandecay's in kind of purple/pink colour that I bought view days ago I actually showed in our snapchat follow us there nakedlydressed i our username. Anyways I carry on because after eating or drinking something your lipstick won't look so good anymore so you might want to put it again. Your lips always need to be on point 

10. Bobbi brown lipgloss: sometimes I feel up for some glitters on my lips and lipgloss is good for lips it is true at least for me. Anyways after I put lipstick on my lips I also put lipgloss for little glitters or when I want to moisturize my lips. But I just use this one Bobbi brown lipgloss and never take it out of my bag. I have to say it is great lipgloss, it stays on the lips for long time and smell is good as well

11. Polaroid camera: another fact about me is that I love taking pictures it doesn't matter where or of what. Sometimes when I see something great I take picture of it and also as fashion blogger I need to have camera to capture my outfits. I have obsession with buying cameras so now I have so many different cameras with different features from polaroid camera to go pro. So everyday I have some kind of camera in my bag and today it was polaroid I wanted to take picture with me and my friend just to capture some great moment. And I know what you might say you have phone and stuff like that but phone is not enough for great picture you need real camera so that is why I am always carrying some camera in my bag

So these were things I have in my bag, very interesting isn't it? Just looking for other people have in their bags and comparing to yourself and what someone is carrying in bag can say a lot about this person. Am I right? Do you carry something in your bag that you don't use? What do you carry in your bag?

Love to hear from you

Nakedlydressed xx