Everyone loves bomber jacket

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

These bomber jackets have become such a huge deal lately. I mean they are not anymore just another jacket in your clothes, they are the jacket of your clothes. And you can’t just have one bomber jacket. You have to have first bomber jacket in all of your favourite colours, and for every occasion so you can always wear it am I right? I feel like bomber jacket have become a trend that everyone loves. It doesn’t matter what is your style, how old are you or where you come from I know you have at least one bomber jacket in your closet. When I first saw bomber jacket and noticed that everyone is wearing them I didn’t have one, but I found the perfect bomber jacket in Stradivarius that I had to buy, but I don’t wear it as much. Anyways today I want to show you view bomber from my favourite stores and how you can wear them

Green bomber from Zara: this is typical bomber and the colour as well. The first bombers that came out were in this olive green colour, but now this is a bit upgraded with these patches. It looks nice with these patches, but sometimes it can be too much. This bomber is casual in stylish way. You should totally wear it when you go to hangout with your friends with some pair of jeans or skirt, nice simple top on, some sneakers and maybe add accessories like hat and try with less colours since patches already have some colours. With bomber in no go with some elegant dress so this is for more casual occasions 

Baby pink bomber from Topshop: this baby pink colour is big hit this season, it is one of the most trendy colours so if you are wearing this colour and then to top that bomber in that colour that you know it is good. This bomber is kind of sporty style, but it can be wore in different way. For example with some skinny jeans and turtleneck crop top little bit 90’s style and some nice sandals it will look amazing but you can also wear it with some shorts or skirt and nice shirt tucked in it and with this bomber you can go all out on accessories with necklaces and bracelets since it need little details 

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