My top bodies

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I have noticed that bodies are coming back to fashion and now we can chose from different styles. When I was a kid I used to wear it because I had to my mom made me so I wouldn’t be cold and I was trying to hide it as much as possible and avoid wearing it, but today I want to show off them and wear them all the time. Sometimes fashion is funny sometimes you used to hate wearing it, now you love wearing it. And it is because you see it differently and also how they make them is way better than how they used to. How do you feel about bodies now and back then? Do you enjoy wearing them?

Baby blue body from Bershka: this body from Bershka is little for every occasion. I love the colour of it, this one is my fav colour at the moment and I got this body. It is very practical body and very comfy. You can wearing it during busy work days and after work when you want to go out you could also wear it and look very elegant. I wear this body in casual way with a jeans and I rolled them up kind of like this way with some cool denim jacket or safari style jacket those are also in and with all of that a cool backpack. While when I want to be more elegant I wear with some mini skirt either leather or denim, some blazer or leather jacket, heels and hat with a strong lip colour and of course don’t forget with it some cool clutch and accessories

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