My travel week: London

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

After Mallorca I had one day break from traveling and after on Wednesday evening I went with another friend to London. I really wanted to go to London for very long time. Actually every since the Harry Potter book came out I wanted to go there but never go a chance. It was such a dream being in London. When we arrived in London it was pretty late, so we didn’t do anything the first night just had a drink at hotel bar. Our hotel was located at King’s Cross which is just view station away from Oxford street. The next morning we woke up pretty early around 8 o’clock since the one hour difference and also we both were excited to be in London and wanted to see as much as we could. The first thing we had to do is go to some kind of store and get phone charger since in UK they have different one than here in Switzerland. So we made our way to Oxford street around 8 o’clock to get a charger and get some breakfast. We did only want to do that but sadly we saw so many amazing stores in that Oxford street that we kind of got lost and also went to these stores little bit but not too much we bought just view things and also finally we found the charger at Primark which was super cheap. After that we got breakfast at starbucks and since our phones were dying we had to charge them at starbucks. Also very weird fact about starbucks in London they don’t have wifi at all, in any other country I have been to starbucks has wifi but in London not. After we had breakfast it was already around 12 o’clock and we made our way to tour bus since we wanted to check all places out and see what is worth seeing. The tour bus was long but very interesting as well we saw many important things there and made notes what we wanted to see. After the tour bus was over it was already pretty late so we went to Oxford street grab something to eat and shopped little bit, but we were super tired so we wanted to go back to hotel to get a nap, but sadly for us at that time it was rush hour and there was no way we could get to hotel very soon. We wanted to get into subway but there was no way since there was so many people trying to get into subway that we decided to go by bus. We waited for the bus for at least half hour and since it was so much traffic we also needed half hour to get to the hotel. That night we went out in centre of London and I have to say they have amazing night life it is just something for me. The next day we woke up pretty early and saw view museums like Victoria & Albert Museum, National History Museum, National Gallery and we even saw Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. We even had great dinner in the city that evening. Saturday was our last day in London since we were going back Sunday morning. The first thing we went to was Sherlock Holmes Museum which was super fun to see the place and take pictures and I even bought view goodies there. After that we went straight to beautiful “Camden Town” which is kind of hipster part of London. It is such a great part of the city and we went to the market there and bought view souvenirs there. We spent view hours there and then we went back to the city where we attended the “Harry Potter Tour” the tour was such a great experience and I could learn a lot more about London than I know. After the tour we went last minute shopping after heading to hotel to get ready to go out. We had also little nap since it was big day. For our last night in London we decided to go out in Camden Town. We went to some small club but the music was great there. We had view drinks there and had so much fun also met some people there as well. At 3 o’clock the club was closed but we were not done yet we wanted to do more so we went to the city and end up at casino. We also met some people there and we were just having such an amazing time with them as well. We ended up staying till 6 o’clock and we didn’t even have time to sleep little bit we just pack quickly, had breakfast and went straight to airport. But overall it was an amazing trip, I saw so many beautiful places, met some great people, and also I do have to admit people in London are some of nicest people I have ever met overall so who ever says British people are rude is wrong, and also during this one week trip I did realize that you need to enjoy your life and don’ worry about some stupid things that you can’t even change and live for every moment.

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