cheat days101

Sunday, August 14, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hello all so as part of the 100days_of_self_loving i want to talk about the issue of our cheating on our program or our diet and how can we make it a healthy thing , and this is important as we are going to have that feeling of wanting to quit everything and dont have the power to stick to our plans anymore and here i will list a few things that will help you stay on track for ever  lets start :
1- watch your self :
and what i mean is that look at your self and what are the times and the days the you feel mostly to cheat in, sometimes its the first of the month , weak ...etc , or the middle or the end .
the second you get that right that will be the moment that you have solved 90% of your issue .
so watch your self and your habits , when do you feel mostly motivated to eat right and to work out that is the time you want to use to the maximum and hit it while it is hot .

2- identify your cheating  :
know what is the thing you cheat on most FOOD,WORKOUT,OVER SLEEPING ....etc .
now that is the other 10% the second you make a clear definition on what is it that makes you cheat you have solved the issue on hand . 

remember the small stickers i asked you to get , now as one of your tasks list one small cheating thing you do , and one of your tasks for the next 2 weeks is not to do that cheating habit . 
the second thing is : if your cheating involves food then make sure to consume your bad calories early in the day and on that day you must work out a bit harder .
you can add a few reps to your work out or workout longer .
apply those easy tips and wait for more don't forget to tag us in your progress on social media .