Nakedly awsom

Tuesday, August 02, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

today is the first day of august and we nakedly-dressed girls thought that this last month of summer should be the start of 100 days of fitness and new-self challenge.
so simply today decide that today is the day that you will look good naked  , not with clothes no everyone should feel great when you get undressed , so this 100 days challenge can give you the head start to do so , so do it with me girls .
first : get small stickers and your calendar, in each sticker you can write down the things you want to change ( drink an extra glass of water , clean up your diet , learn a new phrase of a new language , get a new bold lipstick ,try something you have always wanted to do ....etc)

second : no backing down , if you write something on that sticker stick to it to the end .
( tip don't over loud on the tasks you need to do each day so you can keep it up , small steps go along way and you are more likely to keep it up if the changes are not overwhelming )

third : goals and objectives
take a big note book and write down the big head lines for your challenge , simply put out the big head lines like (become fitter , learn a new language .....etc)
and the small stickers are for the objectives ( each day is for a step from each headline bringing you closer to your goal ) 
like: work out (arms day)
(take and online course on french) 
( sign up for a new dancing class)  
( drink one less soda today)
that is  what you will do in a day and plan your week accordingly easy right .
and each day ill give a wight lost tip to help you look good naked .