Glitter jeans with basketball hat

Sunday, March 19, 2017 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Hey my lovely people,
And here we have after a long time “Outfit” article I have missed it. Showing you guys my looks and showing you how it came to live. I was thinking of doing outfit article once a week. What do you think guys? I think this way you will get better imagine of my style. So today was such a sunny day I really have been loving the weather lately it is just such a good vibes. Anyways I had amazing day spending with my friends and I had so much fun. First I met two of my friends in the city and we got coffee at starbucks and then we sat at the lake just watching beautiful view and chatting little bit. After that my friend texted me telling me that American Apparel is closing down and everything is like 70% so like crazy person I had to go there and get some stuff. I think I went through the entire store couple of times and got view good stuff and it still ended up around 100 dollars and that’s because their stuff are extra expensive and when it is 70% off it is basically like how much clothes at h&m cost, but I was super happy what I got. After that I went with other friend for a dinner and then I got back home. It was great full day of fun and I really needed it. Anyways this is what I wore today

Basketball hat from LA Lakers | Sunglasses from Rayban | Choker from Bershka | Denim jacket from Stradivarius | Top from Topshop | Backpack from Fizzen | Glittery jeans from Topshop
So here is kind of little fancy but also casual look. First I decided on this beautiful jeans from Topshop I have been loving wearing them, this glitter details really makes them pop out and also how they suit me is amazing. The second thing I decided is this pink coloured top also from Topshop this top is new and it looks great it is not too short or too long for you can wear it for night out as well as casual day and at the same time I decided to wear this great oversized denim jacket that I just wore couple of times this year and the reason why is because I bought it at the time when it was Winter so no chance to wear it during that time. I love how this pink colour pops out the outfit and just makes you look straight at it. After that I decided on details for shoes I thought why not wear ankle boots and then roll up the jeans little bit and first I thought it won’t look good but it turned out so good and for bag it little casual way this vintage backpack with fringe on I think this one is so great. For last part I decided on this long choker from Bershka that I told you I have been wearing like crazy and with top it looks great with that I though why not mix little bit up with this basketball hat to be also little bit casual and for the end I took this sunglasses because it was totally shinning outside. I think the outfit turned out so great I loved how I turned out outfit with this fancy jeans still look casual and how basketball hat and this fancy jeans actually do work. Anyway did you like it? And how did you like the jeans?
I hope you got inspired
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