How to wear leather trousers

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Hey guys hope all of my beautiful people are doing amazing.Anyways I just have been loving wearing my leather trousers they are so good. I only have one pair but they are true goals I loved them and it has been in this season. It’s very edgy but you can totally style it to be more classy. I love the fact that they make you such a badass. Anyways I’ll show you today view ways how to wear them:

 Chic like: this is in more like fashionista kind of way. I love these faux jackets they are so stylish this winter and they make any outfit look fabulous am I right? Anyways how you can wear it with leather trousers? With some either black t-shirt or sweater to keep you worm and with that wear ankle boots and with faux jacket heeled ankle boots would look so much better, also nice black hat and chanel or chanel like clutch bag would be perfect pick for this look on shoulder bag would also work. For accessories I wouldn’t put too much since faux jackets is like accessories but nice necklace can be very nice. Very fashionista look. Adding some sneakers and beanie to this it would make it casual

 Lady like: this is for these who are looking for elegant and classic looks. I have been loving these long coats very French style and they are great suit with leather trousers. You could wear this long coat with leather trousers by putting either some bodysuits these are always elegant and classy and totally makes everyone look better or either plain black t-shirt or black blouse what you like more and for shoes go with classics pointed toe heels super cute and just classy or ankle boots you know you get never get enough of those and for carrying your stuff around meaning bag handbag would be great but not too much the middle size of handbag or clutch if you don’t need too much stuff to carry. Anyways this is super look for work

Let’s be edgy: if you know me, you know I just love edgy style and such a badass looks so this one is for any badass out there who loves edgy and leather jackets like me. With these two leather pieces I would wear simple plain t-shirt either white or grey or any other colours just not black it would be then too black you just don’t want that and then shirt it could be red/black or white/black to suit the look and put it around your waist it is just looks cool. For shoes I am thinking either some cool sneakers I have metallic coloured sneakers and I love wearing them with leather pieces it looks so good but if you are not into sneakers boots would work too ankle, mid length or long length boots would work and of course if it is cold maybe add to your t-shirt sweater or cardigan we don’t want you to get cold, and for bag get handbag or even backpack I think that looks adorable. To make yourself even more badass get simple black choker and some cool rings to go with it. And you have badass look

Casual: for everyone who wants to keep it simple this casual look with denim jacket. So you might think denim and leather don’t work but they actually work pretty well. With leather trousers and some denim jacket wear some cool shirt and some sneakers white sneakers would work pretty well . Also backpack would be the best pick for this look and then accessories it with scarf and bracelets and you have causal look ready

Business causal: I love business casual looks they look kind of elegant but also very fashionista like. You can wear either oversized blazer or just normal sized blazer, but honestly I just love these oversized blazer it looks so much cool. Anyways with the blazer and leather trousers I would wear some cool t-shirt with cool print or even some top but with colour that pops out. For the shoes any type of boots would work or since it is casual you can choose some nice sneakers or heels it depends if you are going more for business or more casual and with this look I would wear on shoulder bag. For accessories wear some nice classy watch and if you want you can also wear hat would suit pretty well. And here you go this look for days you well being causal but also little bit elegant
So here are my six different styles to wear leather trousers. I just love them so much and they make any outfit look fabulous and you just look like badass. So try it out and let me know how you like these looks. Also tell me what’s your favourite style? Anyways my loves thanks for all the support and the love
Lot of love and hugs