Inspiration for weekend outfits

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Hey babes,
I just thought I might changed up the name I all call you my lovely people and I know I have been gone, but if you would check out out Youtube you would see why. We have been working so hard to get some super fun videos out there, but we want to be active here to because you guys here are out main family and we will never leave you or forget about you. Plus I have to tell you I had such a hard time with Final cut pro when I edit the videos but and something I feel like it doesn’t want me to edit the videos but even with big struggles I still do it because I love the feeling after the end result. I wanted to let you know to look out for out video on Youtube some fun video and very different from usual content on blog and on youtube as well and I want you all my blog fam to watch it and recreate it as well I would love to see your stuff as well. One other announcement we will be doing fun activity on our instagram click here  this week I will be posting every day new outfit and I will call it #outfitweek so every day I will post different outfit and will featuring one piece of outfit. So I also want to you guys to come by to check out some great pieces and also see the looks and recreate them in your own way is it similar look or totally different I don’t care I want to see your looks and inspire each other so I would love to see you guys there. Also one fun fact about our instagram is that we post fun daily insta stories with either short makeup tutorials, storytime or just some part of our day so go by and check it out.
I am so sorry about giving you a lot of informations at once, but sometimes a lot of stuff are happening at once but they are all exciting news so not that bad. Anyways now moving on to the reason why you are here and that is to get inspired for weekend outfits. For a lot of people, weekends are for relaxing and free time and people are happy and chilled at the weekend since the week is almost over. Since weekend is all about relaxing and doing things you enjoy, weekend outfits are casual and I think it is great to be able to dress casual but we do need to make sure it is stylish at the same time. I love how you can turn very simple and casual outfit into very stylish one that almost looks like overdressed but then you look closer and see you are wearing jeans so it can’t be overdressed. I feel when you don’t try to hard then you actually do look stylish.Anyways I’ll show you view pieces you might need for weekend outfits and how you can style them

Graphic Tees: this graphic tees are very casual but also stylish and so in so it is great to wear them at the weekend. I especially love these graphic tees with nice letters it actually does make different and if it is some French word that makes hounder times more stylish. This tee is great with either some nice jeans or skirt the skater skirt and then you should totally wear hat with that, it is very French style and then with that add either clutch or small backpack with ankle boots or just simple sneakers and finish it off with some bright coloured lipstick my only question to you would be Can you be more French”!  this look totally reminds me on French so here you go you have easy and simply look but yet stylish

Leather jacket: I think this is pretty obviously and also for me who is leather jacker lover it is a must. I think leather jacket goes with anything even with sweat pants it looks cool hahah I am guilty of doing that, but just only to ran to the store and buy some food when I have zero food at home. With leather jacket you can just throw some pullover and maybe add a shirt around you waist I love wearing leather jacket and shirt together and then throw some jeans or even leather trousers so cool they are seriously my fav this year we do have leather trousers article click here and with all these some nice sunglasses and handbag and to be super bad ass leather boots and you are ready to go to do little shopping who doesn’t love shopping on weekend?!

Mom fit jeans: so there are new type of jeans that a lot of people have been loving these mom fit jeans, little loose type of jeans and they are perfect for weekend. They loose which just basically describes weekend vibes loose and chilled and what I love about these jeans (even I got these and I only love skinny jeans they must be good right?!) even if they are loose you can put together epic outfits with these and they look so simple. Anyways with these jeans I would throw some basic t-shirt white one or any other colour and then tucked it into jeans with the shirt either go with denim jacket or bomber and sneakers with tote bag or backpack and put little ponytails it looks really good with it and finish off with nice watch and nude lipstick. It is very cute outfit for chilled Saturday afternoon in the city

White sneakers: I think you can’t never get enough of white sneakers. First you can style them with anything seriously they go with anything it is the truth and also they brighten darker outfits and since you can wear them with anything they totally go for weekend. They are seriously live savers when you need to throw quickly. Anyways I would either wear them with some pair of jeans, skirt or even some casual dress if you are into dress for weekend and then with that throw jacket of your choice my first choice would be bomber jacket but as I said anything goes with “whities” yes I did name them and for the end just throw little details like watch or bracelets and here you go you can rock you whities anytime on weekend or even during the week

Shirt: shirt are always good because they are really comfy and just feel nice wearing them plus you can put together great outfits with them. I like to style shirt with some nice trousers or jeans and like to get these oversized shirts on weekend very chilled mood and with that I like to wear some high heels like these pointed to heels very stylish and also classy with that I would just add some jacket or blazer and on shoulder bag and maybe add accessories but it also looks great without. And here you have nice classy look for weekend

Denim jacket or bomber jacket: and nothing says more casual than denim or bomber jacket I just love these jackets a must have for me. These jackets are simple but when you put them on they really make difference if you just add them to some simple look the look will look so much more interesting with them on it try it you will see. You can wear with these jackets simple skirt and some simple t-shirt or blouse to be more classy with skirt I would wear with denim backpack and with bomber a clutch and to make this look even more special I would add a choker and some bracelets you can get even more crazy and add some rings and for shoes I would choose ankle boots or sneakers and you can very laid back look for weekend.
So these were six simple pieces to inspire your weekend outfits and how to style these pieces in weekend styles. They are all very casual but at the same time stylish and keep it very simple as you don’t want to spend too much time choosing clothes for an outfit. I think it is great how you are not spending too much time creating an outfit but looking like you actually did. Fashion is not that complicated you just need to create something together that looks good on eyes and just choose once pieces that will make a difference. I really hope I got you guys inspired and if you want please do recreate these looks and share with us and we would to see them and we will even post on our social media
Wish you all an amazing weekend and keep your eyes on our instagram