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Hey babes,
I wish you had amazing weekend, little bit of some fun and relaxing time who doesn’t love that. I feel when you take advantage of your free time during the weekend you start off week so energized and very positive so this way your week will be very good. Anyways this “Unicorn” trend has been going around the web a lot and last week I showed you food and drinks inspired by it, but not only did this get inspired by unicorn the Tartes newest collection called “Make Believe in Yourself” got inspired by Unicorn and today I will be showing you the whole collection. Get excited because this collection is just lit

Magic Wands Brushes Set: doesn’t this make you feel happy, brushes in this pastel colour and just so pretty and then even the wands are so dope the golden in shape of horn. Just with visual part they have done amazing job, just look at this colour it makes you want to buy them right away. The first one on left the pink big one is for powder, the one next to it the mint green one is for blending, the third one the pastel blue is for shading, the forth one from left to right is for contour and the last one is for liquid foundation.
Eye and Cheek Palette: they have been really creative with packaging of this collection, not only do products look amazing but packaging as well. A lot of time packaging attracts me more than actual product and so I think it is important to do it right. Anyways with this palette you can create metallic eye makeup and you have little bit of natural the brown shades and then little bit crazy colours like blue and purple but you can create looks with these colours and they also added shimmer colours as well. They didn’t also forget the matt lovers they put one matt and in the middle you have highlighter for illuminating your cheeks.

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in 1 mascara: this one can’t be more unicorn, guys do you see the packaging how amazing does it look!!! I opened the mouth when I saw it, I was so in shock. I read view reviews about this one and they are all good once. It says that curling, volumizing, conditioning dress up mascara that is great when you but fake lashes on as well and lashes they fall. Just by look at the shape of it you just know it is good it is like not too tiny but also not too tick just perfect shape.

Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter: some might think but they can’t make unicorn highlighter because there is no way unicorn colour work as high lighter, well think again because tarte came through and you can totally pull it off. They made this unicorn colours into highlighter friendly colours and it look so dope. This purple and pink would totally be fun to wear it sometimes like everyday kind of look and this orange and white for any nightout.

Spellbound sprinkle face & body glitter:
have you ever wished you have unicorn glitter on your body and face? well now you can have that too with this tarte body and face glitter in very shimmer gold colour. I love this packaging with typical unicorn colours and this shade of glitter is very shimmer and it will be great to apply in summer on your body or night out to have that glow.

Pro glitter liner in rose gold: what a lovely and very girly colour that will help you great amazing looks. 2 in one the glitter topcoat to create crazy night out look and grammable rose gold to create natural looks. I have read that this one delivers rich pigments that means the colours really pop out on your eyes so with this one you can get magical metallic looks.

Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter: they even came through with this liquid highlighter I never tried this liquid highlighter but I read that these are pretty good, but I can’t be for sure I do have to try out. This highlighter is creamy that gives you amazing glow, builds from sheers to intense and ultra concerted pigments. If you love amazing and bright glow this one is for you and btw be fast it is limited

Quick dry matte lip paint: not only can you have this special unicorn makeup products all over you face but also your lips and this colours are to die for. The tarte pulled this unicorn coloured and yes you can totally wear it but it is all about unicorn we live in their world. We have this crazy and very unique mint green colour called Fairytale which you can wear with some blue eyeshadows or with just natural eyeshadow that this lipstick will make it very unique and this is great for festivals like Coachella. We also have one little bit more natural colour this nude colour and it is called nude mauve and this is great for everyday makeup.
Unicorn can’t only make us feel magical with food and drinks, but also with makeup. I am so impressed by this collection the best so fair I see from them even though they are amazing this one is the best. They did every detail perfect from packaging to names and the products. I really love how the mascara turned out I think it really looks great and also the rainbow highlighter this colours they came really through but if I think about it I would buy everything from this collection. Comment down below letting me know what you liked the best?
I loved showing you this products I enjoyed writing and just looking at this pretty products. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by and supporting us
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