What to wear to Coachella?

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Hey my lovely people,

So here we go again it is almost Coachella who's excited? I sadly never had chance to go there since every year at that time I am super busy so I am unable to attend it, but I am strongly thinking of going there next year. Every year I have more and more urge to go there I don't know it is such a great attraction, good vibes  and of course who doesn't love the good music and plus everyone is talking great things about it so I mean how can I not! I think the style there is so unique I love this hippie, gypsy and bohemian style I love it, it is so unique the dresses, the jewerly I love it so much so also I love how great it looks some high waist shorts with these booties. But not all of us do wear this kind of clothes on daily base so I thought for today's article I would show you what you could wear for Coachella some super fun ideas for Coachella and remember you can get as creative as you want it is all about free spirit out there also this is part one and I will be doing part two next week so you will have enough options my loves so let's get started

Maxi dress: maxi dresses are super popular on Coachella and also great way to dress for Coachella. You can wear from very simple one coloured maxi dresses or with any print from floral to stripe anything works and then I would put some sunglasses, some sandals and a clutch and you are ready also add some cool earrings. Maxi dress is also great for Coachella because it is very comfy and when you are sweating in the sun you will still kind of feel comfy

Pom pom jewerly: aren't this pom pom stuff just the cuttest it makes you feel like kid again with fashion sense! Pom pom jewerly is also great detail to add on to your Coachella outfit doesn't matter if it are earrings to bracelets it is very bohemian style and the best part is you can even make it yourself they are so easy to make.

Vintage band tee: because Coachella is music festival it is suitable to also wear this vintage band tees, and they are also in moment very in you can get them at any of your favourite shops for example Zara is selling them. You can either get oversized one and just wear short under it and then you can put punch of jewerly to make your look edgy and there you go or you can wear just normal tee with either some skirt or some shorts and you have great look

Western belt: this one is my favourite this wester belt and you should definitely get one for Coachella. It is great to wear there you can wear with maxi dress, skirt any other skirt, shorts anything and it gives that bohemian vibe and also I love how it looks and it is sucha a great detail to your Coachella look

Round glasses: this one is more hippie style and it is these round glasses great detail as well as protection from the sun and you can wear with some cute crop top and with high waist shorts and then add to it ankle boots or some cool sandals

Fringe: this one is very typical for Coachella and is fringe very hippie I would say. So you can wear anything fringe from west, skirt I love this middle length skirt with fringe details, then you can wear fringe bag and even shorts and t-shirt really it works everything and just style them with crop top and cool headband

Overall: overalls are another great piece you can wear to Coachella for example the jeans overalls are great with some bohemian shirt under very Coachella like and with that you can add some earrings and put your bag on and either sandals or booties and you are ready to go or you can have this for example floral overalls with that pair of sandals would look great and then add a cute headband.

 Boho Romper:  this one is for those who have girly style and it is boho romper I think rompers in general are very girly and these rompers are just perfect for Coachella. First it totally suit to the style that is going on there and second very comfy. The boho romper itself is very unique but you might want to add some cool accessories also boho style and either wear some cool sandals or booties I would suggest sandals it does look better and then add some small backpack and you are ready to roll Coachella in girly style.

Boots: Cowboy boots or ankle boots are great shoes for Coachella. First they suit pretty good with style that is going on out there and second yes it is pretty hot for booties but because all of the dust they are the best shoes. And you can wear them with rompers, shorts and even skirts I would not really wear with maxi dress or skirt but any other length would look good and with these booties you will look little bit edgy and don't forget to accessories because Coachella outfits are all about that be creative.

High waist shorts: what is also popular at Coachella are these high waist shorts doesn't matter if it is denim or some print it is all totally cool. Wear it with some cool crop top or cut off shoulder top and then add to it some cool hat and gladiator sandals and you will be totally shinning out there

Chunky sandals: if you are totally hipster this one is for you and are these chunky sandals that are totally adorable and so for Coachella. They are so cool and very comfy what do you want more? They have been big deal for couple of years now and they are wearable at Coachella. You can style them with some cool romper or nice dress and with that add a hat and choker and other necklaces and you have yourself little hipster look for Coachella

Bandana top: another very cool piece you can wear at Coachella is this bandana top and your outfits will look so cute with this one. You can style this cute top with pair of high waist shorts and with some headband and of course cowboy booties you will look like such a bad ass or you can wear maxi skirt with that, some cool jewerly, hat and sandals this will be more like hippie but also super cute.

Headband: at Coachella accessorising is also super important and this headbands are very popular. It doesn't what kind of headband, as long as you have one on you and these antique headband are super cute especially with boho looks

Kimonos: and when we are already talking about Coachella we need to mention kimonos. Kimonos are huge part of Coachella wardrobe you can't go wrong with kimono on Coachella. It can be simple or some little boho style anything works you can wear them with anything from simple maxi dress to rompers anything works. You can just throw kimono with any outfit to look more interesting and later at the night they might be useful when it gets cold.

Coachella has such a free spirited wardrobe and that is one of many amazing things about Coachella. It is something you can't wear everyday and kind of makes you go out of comfort zone and be as creative and unordinary for these view crazy days out there. At Coachella you can truly let it go and enjoy yourself and listen to great music. I really have goal to go there and just experience such an amazing attraction one day I promise and I will document every single thing. I have question for all of you what piece or outfit would you wear on Coachella?

I hope you enjoyed this article and got inspired to create great looks for Coachella next week you will be getting part two of this article to get even more ideas.

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