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Hey babes,
How are you my dear friends? Did you enjoy your weekend? I had pretty great weekend enjoyed the sun and I was so happy to feel spring again. It’s such a great feeling to feel spring I just love it, the sun is coming back and the weather is not hot but also not cold it is perfect and the flowers I love them in the spring. Anyways since it is spring it means it is Coachella time already another year and still haven’t manage to go there. As you might know if you read my last week’s Coachella article I really think Coachella is great, but I was never able to go there but I want to go next year. Anyways last week I showed you outfits and inspiration for them and today I will be showing you essentials what you will for sure need in that desert. These are all very useful things you want to have while you are at Coachella so here we go Coachella Essentials
Sun cream: obviously sun cream is one of Coachella Essentials because you will be the entire day outside in the sun you need to protect your skin. Doesn’t matter if you are dark tan everyone needs. Just get these either 30 or 50 when you have dark ten you’ll only need 30 and you can get these sun creams at drug store for very cheap
Body mist or deodorant: you will be at Coachella the entire day in the sun and also around many people that means you will probably be sweating and not smelling you best. For you not to smell like shit make sure to put in your Coachella bag either body mist or deodorant to spray little bit and then you are fresh and ready to party. You can get amazing body mist at Victoria’s Secret for around ten dollars and they smell great.
Sunglasses: of course when the sun is shining bright like a diamond haha very funny but anyways you will need sunglasses it is one of biggest Coachella Essentials to see clearly and also protect your eyes. Get these colourful sunglasses at for example forever21 for very cheap so if they get lost it won’t be that bad. Around Coachella time Forver21 sells crazy sunglasses very Coachella suitable so go there and check it out
Backpack: you will probably have a lot of stuff to bring with you from your phone, camera and also all these chargers you will also probably have food and some drinks and other essentials so backpack is a must. First it is easy to wear and also the most practical because you will have space for everything. You can get super cute backpack with pockets from outside so it is easier for you to find stuff this one is from forever21
Flash tattoos: this one is not really essential but it is so great to have. This flash tattoo are great addition to your outfits and jewerly it is looks great and your crazy Coachella outfits are also going to look great
Water: you will be in the sun the entire the there and probably running around and dancing you will be to hydrate yourself for that you will need to drink some water with you. You could bring your own bottle that way you can always refile it and also with these bottle water stays cold a lot longer and of course you can buy water at Coachella but it is way too expensive and let’s be honest we need to save so we can shop with the money we saved. This one I would say is in the group survival at Coachella of Coachella Essentials
Snacks: you will be outside the entire time and you will be active and at some point you will get hungry. And I hate when I am at these music festival and I get hungry but I have nothing only the shitty food they sell for so expensive. So it is always good to have in your backpack just small snacks for example like ships or if you are healthy person you can put some fruits doesn’t matter but it will so help you out a lot
Hatsyou will be needing something you protect your head from the sun and these hats are the best, it really hides your head from the sun. And if you don’t feel like wearing it at some point you can always put on your bag just attaching it with that thing in the back.
Something to keep you warm: at Coachella during the day it is so hot and you always make sure to put less layers on but at the night it gets super cold so what you want to do it put either flannel around your waist or some tiny jacket so you can keep yourself warm during the night
Portable phone charger: you will need your phone fully charged for Coachella let’s be honest your camera will always be on either filming on cameraroll or snapchat, instagram even now we have whatsapp and facebook stories and beside that you will hopelessly try to access the internet or any wifi but you know that you won’t be able because they are way too many people trying to go to internet it is just not possible. So for that you will need portable phone to be always charged and ready for action either get this small once but they don’t less so long or big bigger once who last longer but are heavy any is good and useful I would highly suggest to bring it to Coachella
Hand sanitizer: sine you will be in the dust with many people around, your hands will for sure get dirty with a lot of bacterias so you will want to have hand sanitizer to once in a while clean your hands it will feel so good and you will be free from these bacterias. You can get these at nay drug store in like travel size so it is super small and practical to take
Dry & wet tissues: at Coachella toilets are super dirty and most of the time they don’t even have toilette paper so for that you will want to bring view dry tissues and also if you even get dirty from food from other people it is nice to have. And one other thing you should also bring is wet tissues this one is good to clean up your face and some other parts of your body to feel fresh and clean also it is good when it is hot to get refreshed. You can get both of them in small sizes so you don’t have to carry big packages
These are very useful, but also must have items for Coachella to make your Coachella experience go smoother and way more fun. I mean you don’t want to go home because you have been sunburned it is no way especially when you had to pay so much money to go there and tickets and all these stuff so bring these stuff and have an amazing time out there. Wish you fabulous time
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