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hello all dear readers today's article is a follow up on our fitness for this summer ill be giving you a few tips on how to stay motivated through out your life not just summer so lets get it started  :

1- you didn't gain/lose wight in a few weeks to loose it in a few weeks :
lets get a reality check wight lose/gain didn't happen over night therefor when you start you fitness or wight lose plan you can't give up in a few weeks because your body will take a while until it fits with the new change ( just keep going).

2- don't look for fast fix solutions :
you can do a crash diet every now and then but that cant be the bases of your health plan as all the fast fix results you will get , you will lose just as fast and the consensuses can be brutal .

3- constancy is key :
that fact is you need to but you goals on long term results rather than just the short end this will be the rest of your life so it cant hurt to work a little for your self right .

4- no good dead goes unpunished :
working out and staying healthy is really not just for your body its is also for your brain and for your psychological health as well you will be more in control of your self and feelings and you will ba able to run your life better , so its more than worth it dont you think.

5- Love you :
you may not be in a place that you want to be in right this moment , but you will get there eventually your hard work will pay off as long as you dont stop everyone is diffrent and for you to make your goals come true you must love you and love where you are , and from where you are you will learn how to be a better you.

So now that we know how to stay motivated thanks to Lisa she really knows how to motivate you, she does that with me on daily base anyways now to workouts. As I mentioned before many times we have been working on our fitness book and it is actually done just we have to make the entire layout and everything so it will take some time and we don't want to give you some cheap stuff. So because you have been waiting way too long we decided to give you already a preview and you can already start working out and see how it is for you. I have put up this also as PDF file on our shop click here so you don't have to always go back to this article so here we go:

High knee ups: 20 seconds

Squats: for beginners 30 squats/ 5 rounds, for people in between 10 days of 30 squats and for advanced 15 rounds of 30 squats

Burpees: 15 burpees

And that's the first day workout so try it out and see how it works Guys I am so excited to see your results hope you guys have fun with it.

Stay beautiful and keep smiling

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Lots of hugs and kisses