international fruit salad

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

" every women is like a different fruit , and the problem with men is that they like fruit salad "

well who said that women like just one fruit ; fact is we don't we are just more polite to admit it due to the social pressure , that girls that like lot of men are "whores" 

so men can say it and they will be cool and players and when girls do it they are promiscuous and bad  .

well i say it should be the the other way around i mean we are hotter and better looking and we don't shave our faces or have hair on it, and we look better naked "fact".

 and we girls love our fruit as well , only difference is we like to taste one fruit at a time .

and lets be real eating the same fruit "guys" is boring 

 so by the law made by me and it states :

" every girl in this world should at least date one guy out of her  "nationality" 

 and we will be doing the world a favor since we will be  spreading different cultures around the world , and it will help make humans more friendly  to each other .

you see that law should make me president,right??

so chickas go look for your new  international fruit salad.

and make the world  fruity .

written by : the next girls president .